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KPalette 1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO 11 Let’s start off the review with the sequence of a normal makeup regime. I have this new “ZERO TEMA BB CREAM” that has the ability to give you a very lightweight texture and yet able to cover imperfections, dispel discoloration and take care of other skin problems. The best part of it? ZERO TEMA BB CREAM is developed under the supervision of a Pharmaceutical doctor, and is made with an addictive free formula, which means it does not contain harmful chemicals like paraben, mineral oil, artificial fragrances or organic dye.

Deducting the harmful chemicals commonly found in drugstore makeup products, K-palette has also added 4 beneficial ingredients with the intention to take care of every woman’s needs – hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate and pearl powder that penetrates deep into the skin to keep it hydrated. (I was typing this with much difficulty because I have no idea what these ingredients are, so don’t you worrt if you too don’t understand these makeup jargons! You just have to know that they are helpful in keeping your skin supple and hydrated). The pearl powder especially, has the duo function of hydrating your skin and giving it a natural luminosity.


PROS of Zero Tema BB Cream

Light weight 

Able to cover pores 

SPF 30 ++!

Beneficial ingredients

Looks natural

Zero Tema BB Cream blends really easily


I tried it on my skin and was amazed by how much my pores were almost completely covered by the cream. As much as I love its ability to cover imperfections and its lightweights effect, I still find the need to dab on some loose powder to complete the look. 

Despite that, I still have to emphasize its lightweight texture which turns out to be really gentle on my skin. I do not even have to worry about an additonal step of sunblock because it too has SPF30++ function which is adequate enough for my young skin. I have not much to go against this BB cream, so I would say it is a decent buy as it functions as a bb cream and sunblock!


 The K-palette “ZERO TEMA BB CREAM” is available in Light beige(1) and Natural beige(2), and is exclusively sold at selected SASA stores, retailing at $23.90. I am using light beige(1).

Thank you K-Palette’s team for the lovely items! 


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