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This Christmas, TheBodyShop’s Christmas Gift Sets tell a tale of how gifting becomes more meaningful than usual. TheBodyShop Singapore is partnering with international charity WaterAid, so for any gift set purchased from them, you will be gifting a family in Ethiopia with one day of safe water. Since young, I’ve always love to enter TheBodyShop especially during Christmas season, because I know their gift set choices are always aplenty, including their all time favourite Frosted Cranberry and this year the NEW Frosted Plum collection. Some great gift ideas this year include Shimmer Mist S$21.90, Bath Fizzers S$39.90, Sugar Scrubs $36.90, Hand Cream $12.90 and even Eyeshadow Palette S$36.90…

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1. Seasonal feel good tins ($42.90 each)

Includes: Shower Gel 60ml, Shimmer Lotion 60ml, Body Butter 50ml, Sugar Scrub 50ml 

The Frosted Plum body care collection is infused with notes of magnolia, peony and ripe plum. If you love it citrusy and refreshing yet with a little sweet note to it,  you’ll probably fall in love this Plum flavoured collection. What’s more, the Seasonal feel good tins come with all the travel sizes so you can easily bring these items along with you on your next travel! 

PS: How can we not love the ingenious Plum-shaped tin which save you the hassle of finding a wrapping gift box? 😛

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Seasonal feel good tins ($42.90 each)

If travel sizes are not exactly what you want, fret not because these lovely items definitely come in full sizes sold individually too. 

From left: 

Frosted plum shimmer lotion 250ml $21.90

Frosted plum shower gel 250ml $14.90

Frosted plum body butter 200ml $32.90

Frosted plum shimmer mist (100ml, $21.90)

Frosted plum bath fizzers (300g, $39.90)

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I actually find the Frosted plum shimmer mist pretty interesting. Don’t be mistaken, this shimmer mist isn’t just a mist that sprinkles beautiful shimmers onto your body – it actually leaves a sweet frosted plum scent too! Definitely great for parties and gatherings where you would like to have the attention on yourself as the shimmers bring attention to you. 

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Frosted plum shimmer mist (100ml, $21.90)

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2. Satsuma / Shea / Strawberry festive picks ($42.90 each)

Includes: Shower Cream / Gel 250ml, Body Butter 50ml, Body Scrub 50ml, Soap 100g & Mini Crinkle Bath Lily

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Moving on we have another perfect gift set for a great pampering session. The festive picks come with shower gel, body butter, body scrub, a soap bad and finally the bath sponge, I can totally imagine myself soaking in the bathtub enjoying this little luxurious in-house spa treatment! If you know someone who has been really tired, or you know someone you whom you would like to pamper, this is really the perfect gift. Comes in Satsuma, Shea or Strawberry flavours (and of course the fruity option is my favourite!).

And I can’t stop loving how beautifully these products are assembled in this gift box!
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Satsuma / Shea / Strawberry festive picks ($42.90 each)

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3. TheBodyShop’s Eyeshadow Palette ($36.90)

Swinging silver palette OR Grooving gold palette

Body care range aside, TheBodyShop has also come up with a few limited edition cosmetics to suit the joyous season. These eyeshadow palettes are TheBodyShop’s limited edition too this Christmas. As you can tell, the eyeshadow contains metallic and shimmer shades to get you in the party spirit! 

TheBodyShop%2527s%2BChristmas%2BGift%2BSets%2B2015 9

Top: TheBodyShop Swinging silver palette
Bottom: TheBodyShop Grooving gold palette

The eyeshadow came off pretty well, I’m actually quite impressed with the swatches as you can see from the photo above. The shimmers aren’t too artificial and it blends off really nicely. It also looks like TheBodyShop Swinging silver palette is slightly more matte and less shimmery the Grooving gold palette. 

Last but not least, the grizzly bear sponge/ the owl sponge/ the robin bath sponge is priced at $9.90 each, great as a gift for the little ones!

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I like how TheBodyShop’s Christmas Gift Sets 2015 come in different price ranges for different receivers. Some are really affordable so it’s perfect for things like gift exchange too, don’t you agree? 😉

Find these lovely TheBodyShop’s Christmas Gift Sets in stores from 5 Novemeber 2015, while stock lasts! 


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