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The folks from Bnt Korea have kindly send over this interesting Vely Vely Magic Wand Lip & Eye Hybrid Concealer. Unlike your usual concealer, this cosmetic comes with duo function: A normal concealer and lip concealer! 

We know how the koreans obtain an ombre lips look. They start off with concealing the lips and blend some lip tint from the inner lips in an outward direction. This Vely Vely Magic Wand Lip & Eye Hybrid Concealer will come in handy as the concealer comes in a lipstick form, which is easy to apply on the lips. 

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The lip concealer comes with a silicon matte finish powder for a silky finish. It can also effectively hides the wrinkles & evens your skin tone. Another good way to make your lipstick color to last longer is to first conceal your lips followed by layering your usual lipstick. 


Moving on to the Liquid Eye Concealer, it does look like any other liquid concealer out there in the market. Good thing about this is that its Silicon Elastomer contains moisturizing ingredients which effectively hide eye wrinkles.


Main ingredients: 

– Argan Oil: Vitalize the skin.

– Cupuacu Butter: Moisturize dry and sensitive skin without irritation.

Fancy cosmetics with duo function, this can be a good choice! 

Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 


Thanks for reading! ❤ 

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