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Facial%2Btreatment%2Bsingapore 19%2Bcopy Hello my lovely readers! This may look like any other facial review that I’ve done in the past, but I can assure you upfront that it isn’t.  First of all, there has to be a reason why I willingly spent 4 hours at this humble Singapore facial spa in the neighbourhood of Lavender, and also why the facial treatment here at Nouri Face and Body Concepts You’ll understand as you read on, promise!
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You might not believe this but I actually had a full hour talk which was less of a consultation, but more of a in-depth understanding of what this beauty salon had to offer. I spoke extensively with Val to understand the facial treatment, her accreditations and accoladesand even about the latest eyebrow embroidery services that she provides.

 The main intent was to really understand more about the origins and composition of the facial and skin care products she’s gonna use on my face and what facial treatments will I be going through.


Nouri Face & Body Concepts has an extensive and impressive range of certifications that date back to more than a decade ago which exemplifies the level of experience they have. The owner Valerie constantly improves herself by going for skill upgrade trainings and lessons to increase her skills and credibility as a trained beautician and brow specialist amongst other things.


Some of the merchandises Val carries at her humble facial spa in Singapore.

 facial%2Bmassage%2Bsingapore%2Blavender%2Bcopy Facial%2Btreatment%2Bsingapore 4%2Bcopy Product description

The products that Nouri Face & Body Concepts uses at their facial spa are actually formulated in Singapore, hence it is targeted and suited to most Singaporean ladies’ skin types which are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions here in Singapore. Val allowed me to try her cooling gel and even comedone lotion, of which all feel rather lightweight on my skin. They are all fragrance free too!

Have I mentioned that Val herself actually faced acne issues when she was young back then? So she actually understands the feeling of what acne patients really go through and have tried and tested all the products she believes in. Well, coupled with her 20 years of experience, I’m trusting her skills!  

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Anti-inflammatory Gel:  As the name itself suggests, this gel based product helps to calm the open pores after a facial or extraction to reduce the redness and sensation of puffiness.

I actually used this after the facial for a period of two consecutive days, and I find it really useful to help calm my skin and give it relief after the extractions! Highly recommended by me.

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The Supra Elastin gel seen here in the picture above is apparently the more popular skin care product amongst NouriFBC’s clientele.The gel helps with minimizing open pores, controlling sebum  and increasing the elasticity of one’s skin. This would be great for both younger or older women as it helps them maintain their complexion easily and look younger.

Another less known fact is that the Nature Essence brand is actually free of harmful ingredients and chemicals unlike those found in most cosmetics or skin care products. People with allergies or irritations can be rest assured with this safe and mild formula.

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Comedone Lotion helps to reduce the build up sebum which becomes blackheads or whiteheads. The lotion also fights to breakdown any existing blackheads and whiteheads in our pores, which helps to minimize the visibility of them when we go about our daily routines.

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Val was very patient in taking time to introduce and help me get familiar with the products when I asked her to explain what types of skin care and beauty products she uses on her client’s faces while doing facial treatments for them. 

Most people would simply assure us that they use ‘the best’ or ‘most expensive’ types of products in their services but Val actually took the time to explain which products she uses and why. I felt really glad and reassured that no effort was spared to make me understand the answers to my own questions.

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Why this facial treatment in Singapore?

Val constantly emphasizes that she prides herself with the unique facial techniques she provides. There’s just some steps, especially those manual work that varies across different beauticians, can’t be replaced with machines. One good example is like extraction. What Val emphasised is that she extracts very thoroughly and the depth she goes is what many beauticians opt not to do in favour of time.

Here’s the best part: Val actually steams half part of the face first, proceed to extract that part of face while continuing steaming it. 

Why so? This is to make sure your pores do not close back while it cools down during the extraction process. This EXACTLY addresses my worry because every time after steaming, I feel that the air-condition in the facial room easily cools down my face and by then, my pores are already closed, so what’s the point of steaming in the first place? 

In case you are unaware, if your extractions are not well done, it can cause inflammation the next day because your pores are not thoroughly cleaned.

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The NouriFBC Dual Elixir Facial Treatment Singapore
The steps of the facial treatment includes:

1. Cleansing the face with their cleansing oil

Using their blend of uniquely formulated cleansing oils to remove any external dirt that rests upon my skin’s surface before the facial begins.

2. Double cleansing with Cleansing Milk

To ensure that there is no excess oil or residue, an extra step is done using a gentle cleansing milk. The remaining residue is removed with sponge and warm water.

3. Mild Scrub to prep the face

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and softens up the epidermis to be more pliant for the steaming process and facial extraction. Such preparation makes the extraction easier and less painful.

4. Steaming & extraction

Using a facial steamer to open up my pores area by area instead of steaming the entire face at one go. I can tell that this extra effect will produce a much cleaner result for me since so much focus is given to a proper extraction of the deep seated debris in every portion of my face.

5. Dual Elixir massage

This is the name of the facial treatment, but what goes on in this step is simply a must-have for results. Due to trade secrets, all I can say is that this part has made me very relaxed, and it is the most vital step that made my skin oh-so-supple and clean. Read more in detail below as I walk everyone through my experience.

6. Shoulder massage

The shoulder massages will take place with the Dual elixir massage. You literally feel the tension in your neck and body dissipate with each careful caress of Valerie’s expert hands. This made a very calming and relaxing experience for me, which i guess is also the reason why Nouri Face & Body Concepts’ clients keep coming back for more. I actually fell asleep after this session.

7. Masking  

A high quality mask with collagen enhancing properties and skin cell repair effects is applied after extraction and cleaning. The mask does not contain any harmful substances or irritants that could harm my delicate skin.


The cleansing method has to be very thorough and proper before the facial treatment so that the essences following up can be fully absorbed. As mentioned, Val uses the facial cleansers and cleansing oil from her facial spa. The Jojoba oil remover contains no minerals, paraben and harmful additives.


Once the face is cleaned up and prepped, it’s time for extractions. 

Val has her way of extracting. She makes sure her extractions are in-dept and leave no residue in your pores – else they’ll get inflamed! She’s also very thorough in this and does not believe in making this step quick to get it over and done with. Talk about commitment level. 

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Checking my skin after extractions….

Facial%2Btreatment%2Bsingapore 18%2Bcopy

After the extraction, Val moves on to Dual Elixir step which caters to different kind of skin issues. 2 essences will be infused together via an Ultrasonic method, for different skin issues like:

– sensitive skin

– highly reactive skin

– dehydrated and tired skin

– skin plagued with pimples, blackheads and whiteheads

– uneven skin  tone

– open and large pores

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Right after extraction, where my pores are really red because I have sensitive skin. Val also noticed some of my pores are really covered with dirt that had accumulated over a very long period of time… so she has to go really deep into my pores :'(

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What I like about the Dual Elixir step is that it helps to tone down my redness tremendously after the extractions. I have very sensitive and thin skin, so any major actions done to my skin will make it really really red, especially my forehead! So what the Dual Elixir does is to calm my skin down with the essences. 


After the Dual Elixir Step, my skin is clearly less read.

facial%2Bspa%2Bsingapore2%2Bcopy facial%2Bspa%2Bsingapore%2Bcopy

Pores are entirely cleaned up too!

Most of the time, Val actually uses ampoules for face massaging. This is because she believes that ampoules are more beneficial and the gets absorbed much easier. Ampoules are also free of mineral oil too! 

Finally, I get to enjoy my favourite part of all facial treatments in Singapore – shoulder massage! Apologies for the lack of photo because I was too comfortable enjoying the massage 😛

 As Val is a qualified aromatherapist, this explains why she mixes her own essential oils. She hopes that by next year June, Nouri FBC would incline towards clinical treatments.

But before that, here’s what you can enjoy!

Each Nourifbc Dual Elixir facial treatment is originally priced at $388 but get your first trial at 50% off! Contact NouriFBC to make your reservation, and try out this facial treatment yourself to tell me whether I was wrong to say this treatment is really different from the rest. Extraction while steaming, I swear this is the first time I hear people do that! You may also want to check out some 5 star ratings by real clients of Nourifbc!  best%2Bfacial%2Btreatment%2Bsingapore%2Bcopy P1110522

And nothing feels better to have a clean face canvas for minimal makeup!

Thank you so much Val! 🙂

Nouri Face and Body Concepts

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