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For cake lovers, you definitely have heard of Cat and the Fiddle, the online sale of cheesecakes created by founder of Bakerzin, Chef Daniel Tay. This time round, Mr Daniel sets out to make cheesecakes ever more affordable without compromising on the taste, and hence the birth of Cat and the Fiddle, an online specialist cheesecake shop. 

A step forward, Cat and the Fiddle would like to make their cheesecakes even more convenient for the customers so they collaborated with Geek Cafe Singapore and make the cheesecakes available in physical stores. This is probably the most affordable cheesecakes I’ve came across, and I’m telling you it’ll be a pity if you don’t try them! 

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To prepare for the joyous season, Cat and the Fiddle has come up with two special limited edition Christmas cheesecakes. They’ll be launched through the official Cat and the Fiddle website from 8 December at $38.90 each. The two flavours are chocolate cheesecake with brownies bits titled “Have a Meowy Christmas” and chocolate cheesecake with brandied cherries titled “Snowy Christmas”. 

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Stencils and decorative sets are also available at a very affordable price of $5.50 each (AFTER GST!) to let you decorate your cheesecake with ease. Simply drizzle some icing sugar over the stencils and you can become a part time chef too 😛

Finally wanting to try out the cakes itself? Visit The Geek Cafe at Marine Parade to try out single slices of Cat and the Fiddle cheesecakes if the whole cake is too much for you. Cat and the Fiddle will offer all the 11 flavoured cheesecakes at The Geek Cafe, of which some of my favourites are:

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1. Caribbean Surfari, an enticingly exotic pina colada cheesecake basking with rich coconut cheese cream, pineapples and rum. Some people shudder once they hear the word ‘coconut’, but trust me the taste of the coconut is really minimal, if not unnoticeable. Being a fan of pineapples, I enjoyed this cake very much hehe. 

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2. The Emperor’s Romance, a luscious lychee cheesecake blended with an amazing concoction of tropical lychees and martini. (MARTINI!!!) There’s real lychee flesh embedded within the cake which tasted so good. 

and 3. Paws of Fury, which reinterpreted traditional “yuanyang” cheesecake with 3 parts espresso and 7 parts hong kong-style milk tea.

*Description are extracted from Cat and the Fiddle’s website

Some other cheesecakes are like the milo dinosaur:

Milo Dinosaur!


Overall, I would say Cat and the Fiddle cheesecakes really lived up to its name. The different unique flavours thoughtfully created by Chef Daniel can suit many different taste preferences and that alone is a good selling point. Many cheesecakes out there are of those cliche types like New York Cheesecake and stuff, which aren’t that unique after all. Here at Cat and the Fiddle, there are so many different unique flavours priced at an affordable price for its great quality, you should really try it out. I myself am going to buy these cakes for my potluck session with my other blogger babes in mid december ^_^

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Decorative accessories available on sale. 

Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecakes

The Geek Café

81 Marine Parade Central #01-644

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