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Enough of procastinating. I still have my vlog for taiwan trip not done but I have to first pack my luggage for my Bangkok trip tomorrow (this is a scheduled post, I’m already in BKK!), and since I’m on it, might as well type it out and make it to the list of things females pack for their Bangkok trip? Bear in mind that I am packing super light because I’m 100% sure I will buy clothes there. 

So what exactly am I packing for my Bangkok Trip for 4 days?

I’m wearing this to catch the plane: 

1 top

1 bottom

1 cardigan

1 shoes

1 small sling bag


2 tops 

1 bottom 

1 set pyjamas

1 pair of slippers

3 sets undergarments

2 pairs of socks

Cos I assume if I don’t buy a pair of shorts or bottoms there (which is highly unlikely), I will rewear my shorts. Not bringing any extra pair of shoes cos I’m definitely gonna buy there as well. 


Skincare products*

Masks (to hydrate my skin)

Toothbrush set

Shampoo/shower gel

Sunscreen for face and body*

Moisturiser for body

A few makeup items 


Wifi device (from datavasion)

Camera + memory card


Adaptor (Bkk uses two-line socket)

Laptop (not necessary for you)


Vacuum bag ($2 from Daiso Singapore)

Ear plugs (for light sleepers)

Money pouch (for common fund if you’re going in a group)

Additional pouch to separate your money (diversify!)


This is very subjective honestly. For those who don’t really like the quality of the items sold in Bangkok, SGD300 for 4 days is quite enough. So far I’ve spent SGD700 for this 4 days trip.

That’s it!


Thanks for reading! ❤ 

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