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Just couple of hours ago I was watching Monster University, thanks to Nuffnang for the premiere tickets. 


We had the movie in 3D and well, it was funny but here’s my thoughts about the movie. 

I’m not sure if it’s only me who did not expect monster university to turn out as a flashback of Sulley and Mike when they were still young. In other words, Monster University is not a continuation of Monster Inc, but actually a prequel to 2001’s Monster Inc. 

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There are some underlying reasons why I didn’t enjoyed Monster University (MU) as much as its predecessor. Unlike Monster Inc, MU seems to lack a mixture of joy and touching scenes that teach audiences about love and care. Not only did I teared while I watched MI, the thrilling part was much more exciting and prolonged in MI (2001) than MU (2013). I guess I have to admit that I was expecting quite a lot from MU given such a wonderful and amazing predecessor (MI). I felt that there was a lack of excitement and lasting humor throughout the movie. The movie was kind of monotonous to me. 

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Nonetheless, the movie was great in portraying true friendships that build after tough hardships. The movie brings surprises when they slowly reveal what Mike and Sulley actually face before they become a remarkable team at Monster Inc. You may find some snippets in MU familiar as well, which reminds me some hilarious memories I had back then while watching MI (2001). 

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Also, the focus of the movie has shifted from James B. Sullivan (blue creature,”Sulley”) to Mike Wazowski (green one-eye cute dude), without the presence of Boo, the toddler in MI.

To sum up, I think Monster University would be a good movie to reminisce the old snippets in Monster Inc. Watch the movie in 3D wouldn’t make much a difference although sometimes the monster gets a little closer or more realistic, but it can’t really get any more different than a normal digital movie. Oh don’t forget to stay until after the credits because there’s a small little surprise for you 🙂

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