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I was on a 5 day trip to Paris and I can’t believe I met the rarest encounters in Paris. 

First, it hailed in the middle of the night when the temperature in the day was as hot as 27 degrees. And that caused the Paris Love Bridge’s railings to collapse, hence requiring the evacuation of people from the bridge.  

Read ‘Locks Of Love’ Bridge In Paris Evacuated After Railing Collapses for more details on Huffington post. 

I wish I was there to take a photo of the collapsed railings, but I was already rushing for my train the next day. Might sound offensive but I’ll still say this, I am totally not surprised when news reported that the railings had collapsed. Think of the thousands of locks weighing down the poor bridge, with another thousands of keys contaminating the river because of their rust. 

So eventually, the railings collapsed. Or we should say, part of the railings (Gizmodo). 

Do you really think this is a responsible act? Now some of the locks have sinked down with the collapsed railing, does that mean the love between the owners of the lock will come to an end? Obviously not. 

You might not know but the accumulation of locks on the bridge is a slow silence threat, to both the people crossing the bridge and the ferries crossing underneath. 

So please, stop putting up locks onto the railings.

But of course treasure the ‘Love Bridge’ while it’s still there. 



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