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Ryanair is my best friend for travelling 

It’s been a while since I’m away for my student exchange. I’ve been travelling so much, I think I’m so tired of travelling #firstworldproblem. But still, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for funding my travels and uni exchange. 

Initially doing exchange in Europe has never crossed my mind. My first two choices were Hongkong and Taiwan (what the hell was I thinking?), because I love their food! But come to think of it, I can always do a short trip to these two places, so why should I spend a good 5 months there? Thankfully, my friends persuaded me to do university exchange in Europe and until now, I never regret a single bit and am very grateful to all the privilege I’m having now. 

Let’s do a count as to the countries I’ve been to! 

Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands & MOROCCO. I’ll be heading to France, Italy, Croatia and Turkey within the next 2 months too! 

I must say I am really blessed to be able to travel. And most importantly, I must thank my parents for funding it until I have the ability to return them the money. I also want to thank my boyfriend to be supportive of my travels 🙂

Travelling is great. It’s not just about leaving travel footprints everywhere. It’s also about learning each individual history of the city, and making new friends across boundaries. I’ve met many new friends through Couchsurfing and I really enjoy it. Can’t wait to blog about CS soon 🙂 

Till then, many travelogues coming up! 



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