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LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bmakeover%2Bsession2
A large array of products waiting for me to use! Or rather, waiting to be used on me! :B

The base makeup

To prep my skin for the two looks following up, my MUA has decided to use the following LANEIGE products on me: 

Power Essential Skin Refiner Light 

Balancing Emulsion Light 

Water Bank Essence_EX 

Water Bank Gel Cream_EX 

Water Supreme Primer Base (SPF15 / PA+) [#40 – Light Purple] 

Watery cushion concealer No.2 

BB Cushion (SPF50+ / PA+++) [#21 – Natural Beige] 

Let’s just say, all these products work SO WELL for me! I’m not praising myself or anything but almost everyone exclaimed how my skin looked so dewy and bright after having the base makeup on (hahahaha oops). Good skin aside, I find LANEIGE products really good as they wears on nicely onto my face. For the base, my MUA uses the BB Cushion but she chose to use the foundation brush to apply my foundation so that it gives a more dewy look. At the end of the day, I’m very pleased with LANEIGE BB cushion because it doesn’t streak, it doesn’t cake up and it manages to cover my pores, especially around the cheek areas. 

LaneigeXClozette%2BKpop%2BMakeover 8%2Bcopy

To cover my blemish marks, my MUA has to use the Watery cushion concealer, which is slightly sheer so it’s not too over the top.  It was also used to highlight the relevant areas. Personally, I feel that a stronger and more pigmented concealer is required for darker marks though.

LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bmakeover%2Bsession%2Bblogger LaneigeXClozette%2BKpop%2BMakeover 13%2Bcopy

With Kymm, who’s also involved in this makeover campaign! ^.^

The first look

K-Drama Star Park Shin Hye Inspired Makeup Look 

park shin hye

I was assigned the K-Drama Star Park Shin Hye Inspired Makeup Look for my first look. The team thought this look suits me more considering my similar facial features to the Koreans (single eyelids, less protruding features etc), although of course not as pretty as Park Shin Hye! 

Honestly, I found out it’s all about one thing to pull off this ‘K-drama look’ – Minimal makeup. 

There wasn’t much makeup applied onto my face. Minimal base foundation, nude or light lipstick and subtle eyeliner were pretty much it. 

The LANEIGE makeup products used on me for the 1st look were:

Multi Shaping Eyeliner – Over & Inner Liner [#02 – Brown] 

Natural Brow Liner – Auto Pencil [#02 – Stone Grey] 

Brush Pact No.3 Pink beam 

LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar No. 7 (Cashmere Nude) 

Volume Setting Mascara [Black] 

Pure Radiant Blush #4 Blossom Coral

Special mention to the Brush Pact No.3 Pink beam. It’s a highlighter that comes with a retractable brush, super easy to use and great for highlighting the necessary areas! I love how it enhances my facial features, especially around my cheekbones. 

Also notice brown was preferred to black because we do not want the look to be too harsh with black eyeliner. Here, my MUA is using LANEIGE NEW Two Tone Lip Bar in shade no.7 (nude). As you see in the photo below, she was using a lip brush to apply on my lips for a more precise application. All we want for this look is natural and perhaps you can call it, the “no makeup” makeup look. 😉 

LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bmakeover%2Bsession%2Bblogger2

LaneigeXClozette%2BKpop%2BMakeover 14%2Bcopy
Curling the hair as the finishing touches…

And here’s my first look, behind the scenes!
LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bmakeover%2Bsession%2Bblogger4
LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bmakeover%2Bsession%2Bbehind%2Bthe%2Bscenes2

Can’t believe how dark my arms are… hahaha

LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bmakeover%2Bsession%2Bbehind%2Bthe%2Bscenes

And of course, having a great time time with the team, laughing off at the awkwardness during the photoshoot. 

LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bmakeover%2Bsession%2Bclozette%2Bteam
So excited to see the photos!

Meet the extremely nice people from both Clozette and LANEIGE team!
LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bmakeover%2Bsession%2Bteam

The second look

Romantic Spring

LaneigeXClozette%2BKpop%2BMakeover 56%2Bcopy

You probably can tell that when we talk about romantic spring, we often associate with pastel colours like light pink, beige, yellow or orange. To give me the romantic and feminine look, my MUA decided to use pink as the main colour in this makeup look. 

The LANEIGE makeup products used on me for the 2nd look were:

Multi Shaping Eyeliner – Over & Inner Liner [#02 – Brown] 

LANEIGE K-Secret Cushion Tint #1 Cotton Pink 

Pure Radiant Shadow No. 3 Pink Holic 

Pure Radiant Blush #1 Chi Chi Pink 

LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar No. 8 (Neon Juice)

Pink has always been a tricky thing for me. I adore the sweet colour, but I am not those super girly type who go cray cray over all things pink. Thankfully, my MUA didn’t go too over the top. For the transition from the first look, all she did was to thicken the eyeliner using the brown Multi Shaping Eyeliner and added pink eyeshadow with LANEIGE’s Pure Radiant Shadow No. 3 Pink Holic. We also proceeded to draw a little of the lower eyeliner to give a rounder eye effect.

To finish up the sweet romantic look, we added on a tinge of pink onto the nude lips we had for the first look. For this, she used the new LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar No. 8 (Neon Juice). I love their lip bars. The colours are very pigmented, it glides on nicely onto the lips without drying it too much and it can stay pretty long.

Clearly can see the pink eyeshadow used for the second look – Romantic Spring

Laneige%2Bblogger%2Bmakeover And  let the photoshoot begin!
LANEIGE%2Bx%2BClozette%2BK beauty%2Bphotoshoot

LaneigeXClozette%2BKpop%2BMakeover 57%2Bcopy
This is definitely one of my favourite!


My daiso prop at $2 HAHAHA

For the second look, there’s also a change of outfit to better match the theme. Since it’s romantic spring, it reminds me of laces and clean colours like white, which explains the dress I picked for this photoshoot. 

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