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As you’ve probably known, there’ll be FREE Egg McMuffins on 18 March, which is like 4 more days away from now!!! It’s actually in conjunction with National Breakfast Day, a regional McDonald’s initiative, the good people at McDonald’s would like you to enjoy a hearty Egg McMuffin to kickstart your day on 18 March.



When: 18 March (next Monday)

Where: At 121 McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore! 

(Click here for list of participating outlets)

Time: 5 – 10am, except these locations

5am… is so early T_T 

BUT! Let’s go for the free food!!! Haha, well that’s presumably you can wake up at 4am. 

So you may ask, why giving out free breakfast? 

“WHAT, EXACTLY, is your motive!?” 

Hahaha. No, take a chill pill please. 

To commemorate and celebrate the National Breakfast Day, McDonald’s initiated this event in an kind attempt to perk up everyone’s dull morning, especially Monday blues!! Breakfast is also an important start of our day because it gives us all the energy we needed to pull through all the obstacles. 

So on this special day of the National Breakfast Day,  McDonald’s will be giving out 1000 FREE McDonald’s Egg McMuffins to customers, on a first-come, first served basis. Starting from 5am don’t forget!!  (Wa that’s really early)

Anyway, do check out their website here

Screen+Shot+2013 03 13+at+11.51.10+PM

All photos from

Screen+Shot+2013 03 13+at+11.51.26+PM

Some cutesy images on the website to tell you about a few amusing morning truths.. like :  

Screen+Shot+2013 03 13+at+11.51.47+PM
Screen+Shot+2013 03 13+at+11.51.42+PM

I’m kind of like a morning person actually.. lolol. I love to disturb people, did I tell you that? 

No obviously, I’m just kidding 😉

Screen+Shot+2013 03 13+at+11.51.59+PM
Screen+Shot+2013 03 13+at+11.52.08+PM

Don’t forget about the free egg Mcmuffins!!! 

Screen+Shot+2013 03 13+at+11.52.39+PM

And you might want to share it to your friends too! 

Ask all your friends to queue together !! LOL

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