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Hello everyone! 

I’m back with a really short post to share what are usually my road trip essentials when I travel. Right now I’m only busy with exam preparation and (most of the time) being distracted by Korean variety show – Running Men (lolol). 

Before I get carried away with Running Men variety show, let’s see what is the topic of today’s post. I thought since I’ve already done a post on the packing list for Singaporean university exchange students, I shall also share my road trip essentials that I thought would be useful to people embarking on their travels soon! 

Because the weather in Europe is slowly making its way into Summer, my sunglasses and cap is really important to me. Sometimes I can do without the cap but my sunglasses is my life saviour. To fully enjoy viewing the historical architectures and monuments, a pair of sunglasses is really important to block away glaring sunlights. When the weather is really hot, a cap can easily save you from painful sunburns. Speaking about harmful sunrays, facial sunblock is equally important to me as well. I’ve been using Faceshop’s tinted sunscreen with SPF 45 and I’m loving the smooth texture it gives on my face. It’s useful as a makeup base and evens out my complexion too, so that I can skip foundation (which I always do wahaha).

Sunglasses kindly sponsored by eye-trendy, Sinkwang

I also always keep a bottle of mineral water with me. Even if you have finished the water, the bottle can be useful to fill up water whenever you see a tap in the public. Yes, a tap of running water in the public is rather common in Europe Countries, and if you’re not that particular about the hygiene of the water you consume, water is free for you!

Aside from water, food is the next most important thing to bring. Try to pack some small dry snacks like cookies. Avoid potato chips because they only make you thirsty, which results you drinking more water, and you’ll end up looking for toilets more often. Fruits like apples are the best option. For emergencies, prepare your mini medical box, a pair of small scissors/nail clipper and your personal medication! Also keep your valuables all in a small sling bag and keep it with you all the time. 

And finally, your handy dandy mobile phone is your next best friend! Plug in your earphones and enjoy your ride with your favourite music. If you can’t sleep with music on, and there are crying babies around you, bring your ear plugs! Tip: mark your destinations on the google maps on your phone, and save offline maps by searching “ok maps”. 

Another tip: download citymaps2go mobile app because it can work offline as long as you download the maps beforehand. 

Speaking about road trips, how is it possible without a good car? Road trips usually begins with a rented car, and relayrides pride themselves as a platform that brings together car renters and car owners. That means, you can earn a profit just by renting your cars to enthusiastic travellers! So, why not? 


To summarise, here’s the 10 things I would pack for my road trip: 






Medical box 

Mobile phone + music 

Sling bag 

 Ear plugs/eye mask 

Money (duh)

Thanks for reading! Follow me on instagram too see how I enjoy my travels!


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