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Nuffnang 12/14/2012

Remember about my post on the nuffnang contest to stand a chance to win  Wreck it Ralph movie tickets ?!  I’VE WON!!!! *Throws …

I’VE WON!!!!

*Throws confetti* 

And the best thing is? I get to watch it before the public can watch it!! HAHAH I’M SOOOO HAPPY!!!

WIR Widescreen niceland

My email of joy!


Can’t wait to watch it with my boyfriend and blog about the movie soon!!! 

^_^ ! 

Some small updates: 

Went to Marmalade Pantry with my good friend Jolie this afternoon to try their food. I will be blogging about my experience and review by sunday too! Stay tuned!  PS: The dessert was too good to be true. Lots of pretty and chio food photos waiting to be revealed too. 

Hui Yan- 

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