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[Guest post] Rhinoplasty or nose surgery has become refined over the years. However, people occasionally have to go for revision procedu…

Picture1 [Guest post] Rhinoplasty or nose surgery has become refined over the years. However, people occasionally have to go for revision procedures. This procedure is meant to correct any errors in the previous surgeries. Success in rhinoplasty and revision nose jobs is heavily dependent on the skill of the surgeon and their experience. The revision procedure should particularly be performed by an experienced surgeon since your nasal tissues will already be compromised. People go for revision rhinoplasty for various reasons. Here are the most common ones for choosing to undergo revision nose job:

Issues with Breathing

Nose jobs can weaken the structures in the nose and cause breathing problems. This can happen gradually and force you to go for a revision nose job. In such cases, the nose job will specifically be for functional reasons and will not have any effect on the appearance of the nose. Some symptoms of breathing problems include nasal congestion, dry mouth, and a reduced sense of smell. People with such problems also tend to breathe through the mouth, especially at night. In the long-term, you might develop sinus infections and headaches caused by pressure from the sinus. Some patients also end up with Eustachian tube dysfunction, and in rare cases, they might get heart diseases. Functional nasal surgery involves straightening a deviated septum or reducing enlarged turbines. Some people also experience breathing problems because of the growth of nasal polyps. These can obstruct airways in the nose and will have to be removed through surgery.

An Imperfect Appearance

Nose jobs don’t always produce perfect results. There is a chance that you will not be fully satisfied with the results of the procedure, especially if you work with a poorly experienced surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons usually create a digital image of the final results before they start the operation, but this does not guarantee you perfect results. In some cases, patients end up with asymmetries and depressions in the nose. These usually appear a few months after the procedure. However, it is advisable to wait for at least six months before going for the surgery since the swellings might resolve on their own. Also, no reputable surgeon will carry out the operation if your nose has not healed completely. Another common esthetic problem is the polly beak deformity, which occurs when the tip of the nose starts to droop. This occurs because the nasal tip lacks enough support. This problem can also be fixed through reverse surgery. You might also have to go for revision rhinoplasty if you have any of these problems: • A pinched nasal tip • A buildup of scar tissues at the tip of the nose • A bump on the nose • A problem with the appearance of your nose in relation to the rest of your face

Poor Healing

Your healing will be determined by many factors, including the skill of the surgeon. Poor healing can force you to go for another procedure since it might cause safety issues and even affect the appearance of your nose. To avoid such problems, you should follow these tips: • Avoid tobacco since it will affect the tissues in your nose • Avoid excessive drinking • Don’t lift heavy objects for at least a few weeks • Eat a lot of protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, iron, fiber, and probiotics. These nutrients promote healing and the formation of new blood cells. • Avoid drinking sports drinks since they usually contain high amounts of sodium. This element makes it harder to get rid of your swelling. You should also limit your intake of sugary foods. It is also important to go for regular follow-up appointments, even if you feel perfectly fine. The surgeon will check for any signs of infection and treat any problems before they progress. They will also adjust your medication if necessary. Once your doctor allows you to walk, you should make sure you take regular strolls. This will help prevent blood clots and will also get your bowels moving. Complications such as pneumonia and deep vein thrombosis can also be avoided by staying active. Following these tips will help prevent unpleasant healing processes and can help you avoid repeat surgeries.

How Long Do You Have to Wait Before Getting a Revision Nose Job?

After your surgery, you will experience certain side effects that will affect the appearance of your nose. Swelling will particularly make your nose unappealing. However, these side effects resolve with time, so you will need to wait and see the final results before you consider going for a revision nose job. Your nose will assume its final shape after about a year. If you have functional problems, your surgeon may carry out the procedure six months after your primary surgery. Before this time, your nasal tissues would be fragile and compromised. You should follow your doctor’s advice when going for revision rhinoplasty since this procedure is a lot more delicate. All blood-thinning medications and natural supplements should be avoided. It is also important to schedule the surgery when you don’t have any major activities to attend since the nose will take some time to look presentable. Usually, you will have to wait for three months before attending such events.

Nose job surgeries are planned keenly, and doctors even make predictions of the final results. Although the procedure has been improved significantly over the years, you might still end up with complications and an unpleasant appearance. Your nose may have a crooked or droopy look. You can also develop swellings and bumps on the nose. Some people also go for revision nose jobs because of functional problems with the nose. It is also possible to get an infection in the wound. These infections are usually noted early and treated. If you fail to get treated early, you will eventually have to go for another surgery. Working with an experienced and skilled surgeon will greatly reduce the complications resulting from primary or revision nose jobs. You can contact Andrew Frankel, a revision rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, CA at 310.552.2173 for a safe and successful procedure.

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