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Lunch totes are really useful for those who like to pack their lunches from home. I just started doing my part time in a company and although I don’t have the habit to pack my lunch from home, I do see my colleagues doing that. Other than it being a super tiring chore, the other reason stopping me to pack my lunch is that the food will turn cold by the time it’s lunch time. 

So I always appreciate food containers that are able to retain as much heat as possible after a few hours until it’s lunch time. I really think it’s worth the money and thankfully I have Thermos!

Ever since I tried the Thermos flask, which can retain the heat of my tea incredibly well, I must say I have 100% faith in Thermos. That’s why I’ve always been eyeing on their food flasks for the longest time and see if it’s really good.

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The product that I’m reviewing today is Thermos . It comes with 3 food tubs in a outer stainless steal container, slot nicely in the bag that comes with it. I love things that come in a set so I appreciate that provided pair of chopsticks in the pack. The food tubs and chopsticks are dishwasher-safe too.

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The 3 inner food tubs are microwavable, but the lids will have to be removed when you want to microwave your food. I find the fact that they’re microwavable really useful because many offices have at least microwaves, so working adults can heat up their food during lunch time. I also like how petite the sizes are, as I think they are perfect for one person’s portion. To me, I find these 3 tubs make a perfect combination: two dishes one soup or just three dishes.


If you realize, the 3 tubs come in different sizes with different kinds of lids for different types of closing.The vacuum insulated outer container is however not microwavable as it is made of stainless steel. Likewise, you can’t wash it but you may clean it using wet wipes or a wet cloth.

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Specifications (extracted from Thermos website)

Capacity (interior food tubs) : Side 0.22L, Rice 0.27L, Soup 0.2L

Heat insulation (6 hours) : 61°C & above

Heat insulation (24 hours) : 46°C & above

Cold insulation (10 hours) : 11°C & below

Dimensions Width × Depth × Height (approx. cm) : 13 X 11.5 X 17.5

Weight (approx) : 600g

Colour : Pink, Dark Navy


If you have been wanting a lunch tote for the longest time, I strongly suggest Thermos because this container brand is incredibly good at retaining heat in our food and drinks. I mean, this is perfect for one person’s portion and children who brings lunch to school!

Thermos lunch tote comes with a small bag

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