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As I’m typing away, I am actually wearing the KLARITY Lasertox V-line Shape Up Velvet Silicone Belt.  and I’m really feeling the upward pulling tension on my chin area. I got to say, this thing is honestly interesting! Well I’m sure it’s not the first time we have such a ‘belt’ invention to lift up our chin and give that V-shape look, but it’s my very first in trying it! So join me as I tell you more about this Lasertox V-line Shape Up… 😉

For the KLARITY Lasertox V-line Shape Up, it is an intensive 5 days treatment in attempt to shape our face, giving the V-shape that most women desires. The 3-in-1 set contains a V-line Shape Up sheet, a V-line Shape Up Cream and a Velvet Silicone Belt. 

The steps to using this product are rather simple. First, cleanse and try your face, including the neck area. Then, apply the V-line Shape Up sheet on your neck area before putting on the Velvet Silicone Belt. Throughout the 30 – 40 minutes wait, you will feel a warm sensation around the area you place the sheet as the solution found in the sheet comes with a contouring formula that has an effect of burning fats around the area the sheet is placed on. At first I wasn’t quite used to the long pulling tension the belt is giving me, but I guess it takes time to get used to it!

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After about 30 to 40 minutes of wearing the silicone belt, remove the belt and pat dry any solution residue on the neck area. 

Finally, use the V-line Shape Up Cream to finish off your treatment to achieve your V-shape face! 

Before AND After V-SHAPE: 

Since it’s a 5-days treatment, I diligently used it everyday and here’s the stunning result! 

Ok to be very honest with you, I think it’s the extent I lift up my chin here so results may vary. 

However, I can tell you my experience with the KLARITY Lasertox V-line Shape Up. I pretty much enjoy the warm sensation around my neck area as the silicone belt pulls my chin up. Even after I remove the belt, the feeling of the belt stretching can remain for quite some time, as though the fats on my double chin has lifted up a little hahaa. Overall, quite an interesting product to try out! 

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