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SY and I had a casual dinner one night cause we are near Plaza Sing. 

So we thought of trying Skinny pizza! 

We shared one pizza cause I was very full. But for SY, it’s not even enough if he finishes one pizza himself. I guess the pizza isn’t very full for one person, depending on your appetite. 

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Their menu with enormous photos of food. 

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The description. 

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The English Breakfast 


The photo looks nice uh? 

But it’s not the case in actual. It’s just topped with lots of vege and HUGE chuck of tomato slices. Really, the tomato are so thick! And there are very little pieces of bacon. 

All in all, I find the pizza very disappointing. They are only generous with the cheap ingredients like tomato and vegetables, and stingy with the bacon pieces and mushroom. Very disappointing indeed. 

For the crust, they did live up to their reputation.

Their crust was thin and crispy indeed, but they do taste a little like crackers, so I thought there was nothing special about it 🙁 

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But still, there are so many people patronizing Skinny Pizza, which I don’t know whyyy. There are so many other nice pizza parlors out there! I will go and find one! 

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The long queue at about 7pm. 


They serve dessert there too! 


Okay, overall, the pizza didn’t surprise me nor please my taste buds. It was not filling at all too. You may want to come as a group in order to try out their different pizza flavors. It’s not very worth to try only one pizza at the price of ~$25. If you come as a group, you can have once piece of each! 


The place is crowded and slightly rowdy. It was very noisy as well, so I didn’t enjoy myself much. Same as The Marmalade Pantry, it has an open concept. In fact, mainly all the new restaurants and eatery at plaza sing’s new wing have open concept. 


I guess $25 for a pizza is fine? But definitely can get better ones. 

Skinny Pizza 

( Tel: +65 6884 8381

Address: 68 Orchard Road #03-79/83

Plaza Singapura

Nearest MRT station: Dhoby Ghaut MRT station

Opening hours: 


Last order 9.30pm


Hui Yan-

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