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Finally the dessert review!!! 

Have you been waiting? 

hd computer guy meme by zapgod16 d4t2jh3 Copy It’s really worth the wait! Although the review about the mains from Marmalade Pantry wasn’t heavenly good, I have to say – Go for their desserts!!

Because their desserts were sooooo awesome and unique! Especially my cupcake. 

Jolie and I decided to go for cupcakes because they cost half the price of the cakes. Don’t worry, I will try out their cakes next time hehe. Can’t wait to try their salted caramel cheese cake. 

But here’s what we have: 

IMG 3591


Graham cookies lined with chocolate cupcake finished with toasted marshmallow and chocolate shards 


Description taken from the menu itself.

This was good. The cream was not too thick and creamy. You can also find molten chocolate right at the center of the cupcake! Very niceeee! 

IMG 3589

Next, mine!!!! 

-Very excited-

IMG 3585


Chocolate cake with william pear and vanilla with butter cream frosting 


This was even better. I swear. 

First, such a cute name! Hehe.

The cream has tiny grains of william pear, which is definitely very unique to find in a cupcake. 

The chocolate cake was pretty good as well because it’s not those very dry kind which turns me off. I like how this chocolate cake is adequately moist enough to make the glutton me happy. 

Ahhhh I feel like eating this cupcake right now!! 

IMG 3587
IMG 3593

The moisture level of the chocolate cake was well-done. 

All in all, I thought I really enjoyed the quality cupcakes and I can remember myself kept repeating “ooh this is good”. If given a choice again, I wouldn’t go back for the mains but for the dessert instead. But since The Marmalade Pantry is famous for its high tea, I suggest going early or calling for reservation. Not very sure if they do take reservation or not, do check! 

The Marmalade Pantry

( Tel: +65 6734 2700

Address: Unit 03-22 ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801

Nearest MRT station: Orchard MRT station

Opening hours: 

10am – 10pm 


Hui Yan-

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