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Have you ever wanted to achieve a flawless blended lip look? 

Another interesting item I receive from BNT news  is this Vely Vely Sliding Butter Crayon Lipstick. On one end, it’s a crayon-type lipstick which promise highly pigmented and creamy lip look, while achieving natural smudging using the cushion on the other side. 


Love the design too!


I find this Butter Crayon Lipstick really creamy, like how a crayon lipstick is expected to be. The color comes off so smoothly and velvety, there’s clearly no creasing or gaps in between due to roughness. 


When blended, it gives a very nice natural shade. 


Love the concept of this blending lipstick. For a more natural look, this might be a good choice 😉

Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 


Thanks for reading! ❤ 

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