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It’s always nice to be reviewing new products. It’s an even more happy thing to rejoice over when the new products successfully go into that makeup pouch of yours which you always bring out with you. Presenting to you ZA’s very new 24 Hr Gel Liner and Liquid liner, which I absolutely love and highly recommend you to purchase for its value-for-money quality and affordable prices. 

I did a very quick and simple eye makeup look, which is also what I usually wear to a semi-formal event.


Let the test begin! Here, I’m testing whether the eye liners would smudge although it claims to be  water proof and smudge-proof. From extreme left: ZA New 24Hr Liquid Liner (S$19.50), ZA Gel Liner in Brown (S$13.50) and ZA Brow Liner (S$12.50). 


To be fair, I let the lines set for about 1 minute before carrying the rubbing test. Turns out, both liners stayed like it was completely untouched. The brow liner was there to show you that I did rub them. 

ZA eyeliners%2Bsmudge%2Btest
As for make up removing test, I wanted to find out if the liners are easy to remove with normal Micellar cleansing water. I was using the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water. 

After one swipe, the liquid liner (left) comes off really easily and leaves little stain. However, the gel liner (middle) seems really strong and resistant! (But it’s still removable after a few more swipes using the same wet cotton pad)


Review time!

ZA Gel Liner is my favourite of all because of it’s smoothing gel formula. I really like how smooth it is, so application was extremely easy and fast. This will be a perfect tool for people who has dry eyelids or eyelids with a lot of creases. The gel formula can definitely help you achieve smooth lines easily. 

Although ZA Liquid Liner was equally good, I find it drying up rather fast. I’ve only used it barely 5 times and I find the amount of liquid liner depleting super fast (compared to other liquid liners that I have). Other than the amount issue, I’m actually quite satisfied with the performance of the liquid liner. Similar to the Gel Liner, it’s very easy to apply and it’s not very wet like how other liquid liners would be. 

As for the ZA Brow Liner, I’ve always been a fan of retractable pencil-type brow liners. I love how fuss-free these pencils are because I do not have to sharpen them; all I have to do is to rotate and extend the lead. The Brow Liner also comes with brow brush at the back for blending usage. 

The texture of the brow liner is also pretty smooth, so I was able to draw my brow without having those chunky residues forming. You know how some cheap brow pencils will form streaks of residue? That’s what I’m talking about. 

Both ZA Gel & Liquid Liners and Brow Liner are formulated with Vitamin E. (thumbs up)

And there you go! Using the three eye makeup tools to create this very simple look.
ZA New 24Hr Liquid Liner (S$19.50), ZA Gel Liner in Brown (S$13.50) and ZA Brow Liner (S$12.50) are available in Watsons.

I’ve used a little shimmer eyeshadow for the inner corners of my eyes

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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