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Airbnb%2Breview%2Bby%2Bsingapore%2Btravel%2Bblogger1 It’s quite amusing that I’ve never ever had any Airbnb experience after having travelled so many countries during my university exchange. That’s also partly because I always couchsurf or stay in cheap hostels, so airbnb has never come across my mind. I think you can rank the three options by the amount it cost: Couchsurf (free), Hostels (very cheap), Airbnb (slightly cheap with better environment) and finally hotels being the most expensive one. Today I wanted to write about my airbnb experience because I want you to know it can be really safe, and share with you a SGD40 free credit (you’re welcome). I didn’t use this voucher on my first airbnb booking and I really hate myself for it lol. 

So before we start, here’s the SGD40 free credit on Airbnb for you to enjoy!


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My very first and only airbnb experience was when I was in Sydney for my grad trip just one week back. We booked for two nights and it cost less than AUD90. Imagine staying in hotels it can actually be way more expensive. 

I actually pulled out one day prior to my first night stay because I had a last minute change of schedule. My host has a very flexible refund scheme which allows me to cancel and get full refund if I did it one day prior to my stay. Which was really good because I didn’t have to forfeit my payment! I continued to stay on the second night as my first night though, and my host was all cool about it. 

Of course, if you expect your airbnb host to provide you more stuff like daily necessities and toiletries, expect to pay more. Basically, you get what you pay for. 


Prior to spending my last night here in the Airbnb room that I booked, the host and I usually conversed through emails and when I reached, I had to give her a call. She picks up her call pretty promptly and thankfully there wasn’t any long waits. 


The place is spacious and homey, with all the home appliances made available to us as the host showed us the house when we first arrived. 


They even have a nice balcony where you can chillax here. A pity that I reached here really late and had to leave really early the next day to catch my plane too, so I couldn’t capture nice photos here when the sun comes out. 


My airbnb room was also conveniently located near the Gold Coast airport which is what I like about airbnbs. Sometimes it can be a little expensive to book hotel rooms with really good locations, and Airbnb can definitely provide this at a much better rate. You can choose to book one airbnb room, or the whole airbnb house if you have a bigger group. 

Airbnb has SO many options you’ll be spoilt for choice trusts me. 

And why Airbnb over hostels/couchsurfing? 

You have all the privacy you want to if you voice it out to your host. You can also have the choice to interact with your host and get to understand the locals’ habits and favourite hangout areas. Most airbnb homes are cozy because they in actual fact belong to peoples’ homes, and who doesn’t want to make their houses cozy and lovely? Airbnb are also much better options than hotels because they’re so much cheaper. 

So once again, if you would like to try airbnb out in your next trip, here’s your SGD40 free airbnb credit for you to enjoy! 😀 



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