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belif%2Bbeauty%2Band%2Bskincare%2Bsingapore%2Breview My experience with belif Singapore stems from a small sample bottle of The True Cream – Aqua Bomb. Since then, I really love their skincare products and find them really moisturising for my skin. Previously, I’ve also reviewed belif’s¬†summer essentials, featuring sun protection products which include sunblocks and body moisturisers. Today, let’s have a look at belif’s staple products shall we? ūüôā¬† belif%2Bthe%2Btrue%2Bcream%2Baqua%2Bbomb%2Bmoisturizer%2Breview Today I’m gonna start off the review with my most favourite product of all, belif’s¬†The True Cream – Aqua Bomb. There was once I happened to carry this small sample size (the one at the background) up on the plane and my skin was so dry after a few hours on the plane. I took out this baby and apply it on my whole face and my skin was instantly moisturised. You know how dryness can cause itchiness? Yea, this amazing moisturiser was able to eradicate that instantly.¬† belif%2Baqua%2Bbomb%2Breview It’s gel-based but when spread upon, it gives a layer of moisture protection. Not entirely greasiness I would say, so it’s definitely a good one to have if you have very dry skin, to the extent you can feel the stretch when you smile that kind.¬† I honestly love this product and would recommend to anyone who wants to moisturize their skin without worrying about breakouts. Because it’s gel-based and not cream-based, it’s more lightweight and hydrating. It’s also a life saviour for hot and dry weather like that of Singapore.

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belif%2Bhungarian%2Bwater%2Bessence%2Breview Moving on, I’m also trying the Belif’s¬†Hungarian Water Essence which acts as a water-based essence. It should be used after the toner when you skin is prepped to absorb what comes after. Like how it is named, the Hungarian Water Essence spreads just like water and gets dried up instantly. Made of the purest Hungarian water, it helps to moisturise the skin without leaving you with greasy finishing.¬† I reckon this is a good product for those who has just started their skincare, or for those who hates to feel like there’s layers of stuff on the face. This water essence helps to give the most natural and lightweight finishing.¬†
belif%2Bcleansing%2Bherb%2Bwater%2Breview If you’re looking for a product that cleanses off your light makeup without stripping off the moisture, try belif’s Cleansing herb water! The has to be one of the most thoughtful cleansing water ever because it is infused with Tri Herb Tea complex, which includes Dill, Burdock and St John’s Wort.¬† An interesting tip given in the brochure is that you can actually refrigerate this cleansing water before using it to give that extra soothing effect. I’m so going to try it! ūüôā
belif%2Bfirst%2Baid%2Bmasks%2Breview If you happen to do your purchase at belif, you should ask for a few samples to try out their other amazing products too! Some of them includes the First Aid 360 Eye Care mask, or Anti-Hangover soothing mask. 
belif%2Bbeauty%2Band%2Bskincare%2Bsingapore I was also given these cute little minatures of belif’s handcreams. I have to say, they all smell terrific!! I am a big fan of lavender and I guess I don’t have to tell you how soothing it smells. The lime-orange hand cream is also another amazing scent for those who love it zesty and citrusy! The hand creams also does a good job in moisturising my hand. The extra perks from the scented fragrance is perfect. However, I do think I have to reapply the hand cream as and when my hands go dry again.¬†

belif%2Bhandcream%2Breview Check out belif’s products if you are all about organic herb formula for your skin. belif’s philosophy lies in only delivering the truth and highest quality of products to its users.¬† Shop away today!¬†belif Store Locations: Junction 8 #01-28B (Tel: 6734 8615) Jurong Point #01-01 (Tel: 6794 3873) Plaza Singapura (new wing) #01-61 (Tel: 6884 8662) Suntec City #02-337 (Tel: 6837-0211) TANGS VivoCity #01-187 (Tel: 6278 5751) If you like the post, support by following me on¬†instagram! Love, Celine

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