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This happened few weeks ago and I should have post them way before, but I have no time for this. Nonetheless, I’m drafting this post before I go bangkok. So if you see this now, hello from bangkok!! 

I met up with my friend, who mentored me while I was the logistics director for our FTB camp. Brendon, who had been a super great help to me, taught me many things to do as a logistics director. Now that he has graduated and started working, I still wish to catch up with him this holiday to see how have the both of us been doing. 

We went to a korean BBQ which cost up to $90!! *heart pain* 

Anyway, this is not the main point of the post today. 

Today, I’m gonna review on Udder’s icecream waffle. 

If you are reading this post because you are looking for nice and affordable ice cream, I suggest you go to HAATO & CO because all the reasons are stated in the post. 

But if you insist on udders, then continue reading! J

IMG 3743

This was what we had. We were both pretty full after dinner before this, thus we shared a waffle. 

The petite-sized waffle is topped with three round balls of ice cream, and caramel sauce (requires additional $), and chocolate sauce as garnishing at the side of the plate. 

The ice-cream (clockwise from the top) – Cookies and cream, Macha green tea and Mao Shan Wang Durian. 

Let’s be straightforward. 

IMG 3745

The waffle: Hmm, not that bad! I’m sure it’ll be better than that of Gelare’s, but I am still in love with the one at HAATO and I can never forget it. This waffle is a little smaller in portion, slightly tougher but it is still considered acceptable for an ice cream waffle. The additional caramel sauce that I paid for did not really outstand nor complements the waffle, what a waste. 

IMG 3735

Ice cream: If you want exotic flavours for ice cream, go to udders because they have flavours like macha green tea, durian and etc. But for quality wise, I don’t really think their ice cream is any better than other parlors. The only thing that is special about their products is none other than the unique flavours they sell. Other than that, if you want good quality at an affordable price, perhaps try Toms Palette.

IMG 3737 IMG 3744

Ambience: To be honest, Udders is way too crowded for you to chill out here. Especially with the small sized space they have there, I find it very uncomfortable to squeeze with people, and patrons just kept walking in and out. If you are looking for a cozy and relaxing place to enjoy your ice cream on your own sweet time, no, udders is definitely not your choice. 

Here’s some promotions that they have! 

IMG 3736 IMG 3738

Their price chart. Prices are almost the same as other ice cream parlors. 

IMG 3734

The bill

IMG 3740

With the mentor, Brendon! 

IMG 3746 IMG 3750 IMG 3748

So overall, you may just want to grab a cup of ice cream as takeaways, since most of they time you will have difficulty finding a seat inside because it’s tooo crowded. But the nice thing about their interior designs is that you are able to draw on their boards using markers or chalks, I can’t really remember the details. 

Looking for ice cream? Then check out my two other reviews on ice cream parlors too! They are: Toms Palette & HAATO & CO.


( Tel: +65 6254 6629

Address: 155 Thomson Road, S 307608

Nearest MRT station: Novena MRT station

“To find us, stand at the Starbucks which is in front of United Square. We are a stone’s throw away.”

-Udders website

Opening hours: 

Sun to Thur 12pm-11pm

Fri, Sat, eve of PH, 12pm- 12am

Last order for waffles is 30mins before closing 

Hui Yan-

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