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These days, the sun seems to be getting more and more evil. 

The heat emitting from the scorching sun is killing me the moment I step outdoors. I don’t really perspire but I can literally feel the heat and sun rays burning my skin if I stay longer outdoors. If the effect of sun rays get so obvious, I cannot imagine what are the harmful UVA & UVB rays doing to my skin as time goes by. 

Harmful sun rays are also one of the sinful culprits behind aging skin, pigmentation and even to the extent skin cancer. Yes, skin care products can help to repair your skin but what’s the point of repairing something that is always exposed to damages? If we do not protect our delicate skin NOW, we probably have to spend way more to maintain it as we age! 

So, after a long session of blabbering, you should figure out what I’m trying to say… hahah. That is, the importance of sunscreens!! TheFaceShop has recently introduced the The Natural Sun Eco Range, consisting various types of sunblocks and foundation with SPF aspects. 

And of course, I got my hands on the new Natural Sun Eco Power Long Lasting Cream (SPF45, PA+++) from TheFaceShop.

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The Power Long Lasting Cream is actually the sunblock for our face and neck. Packed with nourishing ingredients like sunflower sprout extract, the Natural Sun Eco Lasting Cream is a 2-in-1 tinted sunscreen that can act as a make-up base as well. I can’t emphasize how much I love tinted sunscreens because that means I can skip bb-creams and foundation, which lazy people like me usually do! (Lazy people, hands up!) 


In fact, this Power Long Lasting Cream is TheFaceShop’s legendary sun cream which has more than 1 million pieces sold. Its water and sweat resistant properties makes it so well-received that a piece is sold every minute.  

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This Natural Sun Eco Lasting Cream comes with SPF45 quality, allowing the blocking of UV rays for hours. It comes in natural beige colour in a creamy texture, which helps greatly as a light makeup base. In fact, I read from here that SPF below 50 is a decent and good protection factor!

The Sun Cream isn’t really greasy for me. I like how easy it can be applied across my skin. Not forgetting the slight hint of beige that doesn’t make my skin looks too pale. Even if you find it too greasy, you can also dab on some powder after applying this sunscreen to matify your face. That’s what I usually do. 

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The Natural Sun Eco Lasting Cream retails at $34.90 at all TheFaceShop stores!

You can also enjoy 15% discount off TheFaceShop natural sun eco rang products, or 10% discount ALL PURCHASES with a minimum spending of 30%! Just flash this badge or mention the POS CODE: 714203. NaturalSunEco BloggersParty Badge FinalC Celine 01

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