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Today, let’s talk about hair again! 

I used to have boring brown hair which go all the way to my belly. But I started to snip them parts by parts, until I ended up with short hair: 


A hairstyle is very important. Besides defining a person’s personality and character, it also intertwines with fashion and art. To empower women by helping them easily achieve stand-out haircuts, Vidal Sassoon introduces the #GetSassooned campaign. 

Vidal Sassoon is probably more known for their edgy hair cuts such as the iconic five-point cut. This time, along with their first Vidal Sassoon ambassador Joanne Peh, Vidal Sassoon’s legacy continues to thrive in the legendary Sassoon Salons, Academies and product lines. Calvin Gan, creative director of Hairloom and Sassoon Academy-trained hairdresser, continues to shape the way women care for their hair through his distinctive take on the art of hairdressing. 

In the video, you’ll see that Joanne Peh has underwent a daring and stylish transformation from jet-black medium length locks to a bold, asymmetrical Vidal Sassoon bob customised for her heart-shaped face. Embodying the Vidal Philosophy of creating a seamless fusion of cut and colour, Calvin gave Joanne’s bob vibrant shares that accentuate the angled bob. 

-Vidal Sassoon

To learn 5 hair care tips, watch this video below. Sometimes it’s not the steps that matter, but the products themselves!

To ensure the #GetSassooned experience is easily achievable, VidalSassoon introduces the Elastica Premium Hair Care Series (5 products) to allow women to effortlessly recreate the salon look at home. Now that I have short hair, I would really appreciate having such products to help tame my short hair, or even better, style it nicely.

getsassooned+vidal+sassoon To better looking and edgy hairstyles!


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