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If you fancy an intensive whitening treatment without having to visit the facial salons or spending so much money on whitening pills/treatments, then this might be for you. THELAVICOS Whitening C Ampoule is a very intensive whitening treatment containing 4 separate bottles of whitening ampoules, containing niacinamide and Vitamins C Powder to help you have a clean and pure skin. 

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And because this product is full of fermented ingredients such as yeast of mistletoe, beans and extracts of Saccharomyces, it can only be mixed when the user is about to use it. Which is why you can see here that when I press the bottle pump,  the powder will then mix with the essence.  


Due to the reaction, this bottle must be used within 2 weeks. 


I quite like this product because of its intensively packed nutrients and ingredients in this ampoule. When dispensed, it doesn’t feel too greasy or thick for an ampoule. For someone who suffers from really dull skin, lacking the shine from within, you might love this product!


Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 


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