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Women are often advised to go for annual or bi-annual mammogram tests. In so doing, any abnormalities or cancer signs can be detected ea…

uneven%2Bbreast Women are often advised to go for annual or bi-annual mammogram tests. In so doing, any abnormalities or cancer signs can be detected early. One of the various abnormalities that mammograms show is breast symmetry. It is important to understand the women’s breasts anatomy. Breasts are made of mammary glands that are located within the front of their chest wall. On average, a breast weighs between 7-10 ounces and has between 12 to 20 lobes that go round from the nipple. These lobes come with a central duct that opens at the nipple. This is where milk flows through in breastfeeding mothers. It is common for breast tissue to change based on a woman’s menstrual cycle. While ovulating, a woman will find her breasts feeling fuller and more sensitive. Breasts also get bigger during this time due to water retention and increased blood flow. However, they usually go back to their normal size during the menstrual period. Breast asymmetry can be defined as a change in size, volume, form, and position in one mammary gland. This condition is considered very common and usually affects more than half the female population. The cause of breast asymmetry is not well-known although the common culprits include hormones and breast injuries caused by trauma. Sometimes, an underlying skeletal or medical problem might because of breasts asymmetry. A good example is hypertrophy of the mammary glands. It is an uncommon condition where one breast becomes way too big than the other. This could eventually lead to psychological and physical problems that can only be corrected with surgery. If you notice any drastic or new differences in your breast size and presence of masses, it is wise to consult with a doctor. This can be your primary care physician or breasts surgeon. Other causes might include the spine’s curvature, chest wall deformities, or scoliosis. However, some doctors generally believe that breast asymmetry may be an indicator of high risks of breast cancer. Breast Asymmetries Types There exist different types of breast asymmetry conditions, but the difference in their volume is the most common disorder. Here is a list of the types: • One breast being significantly bigger than the other • Either of the breast or both having nipples that are positioned at varying heights • One or both breasts with varying shapes • Either or both breasts not having much breast tissue on the upper side • One or both breasts with big or uneven nipple areolas that are not proportional to the rest of your breast Other Causes and Solutions of Uneven Breast Size Uneven breasts can lead to low self-esteem in many women. However, it should be understood that almost every woman has one breast slightly bigger than the other. Some of the other causes of breast asymmetry and their solutions include: Breastfeeding No matter how much you try to feed the baby on both breasts, the child will often prefer to feed on one more than the other. This leads to one breast stretching out and appearing uneven with time. The bigger breast might remain that way even after a woman has completed breastfeeding her child. Right or Left Hand Dominance Based on whether you are a right or left-handed woman, the bigger breast between the two is normally on the same side as the hand you use more. This is a result of muscles on that side being constantly in use. The Body’s Alignment When your body is aligned perfectly, its muscles and fat deposits usually become evenly distributed. However, as a person goes around their daily activities like illnesses, sleeping positions, stress, posture, and injuries, the body’s alignment will get altered. This muscles overdevelopment will make breast fat tissue to become uneven. Hormonal Imbalance Breasts asymmetry may be as a result of estrogen levels in girls during the adolescence stage. As soon as they start menstruating, breasts begin to grow and it is possible to get fuller on one side of their body. This will definitely lead to uneven breasts. Uneven Breasts Solutions If the cause of your uneven breasts is body alignment, the right thing to do is to visit a chiropractor. You will then be put in a program that will help balance your body thus, giving you great results. Also, you can exercise one side of your body to get to the same size as the one you use more frequently. However, if you have a significant difference in breasts size, it would be easier to reduce the bigger breast than enlarging the smaller one. An aesthetician will put a body wrap on the bigger breast to reduce it so that it can match the other one. You can also do this at home by buying the wraps. There are numerous different body wraps that can be bought and used at home to help shrink the bigger breast after a couple of treatments. The breasts usually get very responsive to these wraps and thus, you should be wary about the number of treatments you apply. Another effective way of getting even breasts is by massaging it with breast enlargement creams like breast actives. In this case, you massage the smaller breast to help even out its appearance. However, if you want to increase the size of the two breasts, consider massaging them both. Just ensure you massage the smaller one twice as much to ensure you get even breasts. The last resort is usually surgery. Having asymmetrical breasts is not the end of the world. You also don’t have to live with it. If you feel bothered by the difference in size, identify the underlying cause so that you can take the suitable steps of correcting the issue. The best way is through natural treatment methods like breast enlargement pills. You will not only get even breasts but also manage to boost your self-esteem. After all, this has been shown to be a common occurrence in many women.

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