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spaceandlightstudios 22+copy I’m sure most of us have heard of yoga, seen some yoga postures/yoga movements and heard how great a fitness exercise it is. But, have you ever tried yoga before?

Read on to know how to enjoy 4 free yoga lessons at Space and Light studios! Free, yes FREE! 

lightandspacestudios 1 Space and Light Studios is hosted in Verita, a health group that provides not just Yoga, but other fitness and wellness services. They provide cutting-edge science and technology with the healing power of natural medicine to enhance your quality of life.

To reach their studios, Verita has very thoughtfully arranged shuttle bus from Ion Orchard for their clients to make their way to Verita. Otherwise, you can easily take bus from redhill mrt station and you’ll reach in a few stops! 

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When I first reached, Verita health centre gave a me a very peaceful and tranquil vibe. There was music playing very softly in the background, with lightings mostly dimly lited. The air conditioning managed to relieve some heat off us when we were outside.The place makes me entirely relaxed the moment I stepped in. 

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As I make my way up to the second floor, I spotted many rooms with different facilities for different purposes. For yoga, two different sized yoga rooms are nicely furnished with yoga mats laid in an orderly and sysmetrical manner. Speak about OCD haha! But what I’m trying to bring across, is that they have yoga mats laid on the ground for you and thus you wouldn’t have to worry about space constraints. The instructors probably know better about how much space you really need. 

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To top up their meticulous service, Sumei and Lynn acted as a paired yoga instructors for their yoga sessions. One to facilitate the session while they other moving around to assist you.

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Yoga attire should not be difficult. I pulled it off with a black tights and tank top. 

Very quickly, we proceeded on to start our yoga session! We began with several easy moves and postures and boy were we exhuasted! It can be quite normal for you to feel extremely tried upon doing a few moves only, but subsequently as you gain the momentum, your body gets used to the yoga and you’ll feel yourself enjoying the qhole process. 

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Like for me, it began as something rather challenging but slowly later it turned out to be really fun and amusing. Some steps might be a little high-level so we chuckled when we fail to accomplish the moves. Hahaha. 

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If you train hard in Yoga, one day it’s possible to do a hand stand all by yourself. It takes a lot of patience, determination and focus. Missing one of them and it can bring much danger to yourself. This is especially so when all  your weight are concentrated on your palm. I was experience a little pain on my wrists areas because I’ve sprained both before due to inline skating. Sumei, the instructor taught me the proper way of supporting myself, be it during a hand stand or any other yoga postures. A little alteration in the way you place your palms on the ground, makes a hell lot of difference. 


Soon after a 60mins of yoga, I felt very refreshed! 

And that’s the purpose of yoga. Your mind and body went through a long process of focus, and the last yoga step is to simply make you relax and recuperate. 

After the yoga session, a photo with the instructors is a must! 

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Space and Light Studios can pride themselves for having the only Salt Cave is Singapore. 

You may ask, what’s a Salt Cave? 


Space and Light Studios has the one and only salt cave in Singapore. They have two rooms, one for relaxation (photo below) while the other for Salt Stretch, a yoga session to be held inside the Salt Cave. Both rooms have walls completely coated with real salt, and kept in a rather low temperature to make sure the salt are in tact. 

Some of the benefits of Salt are:

1. Salt maintains the electrolyte balance inside and outside of cells.

2. It helps to combat hyperthermia (temperature of body being too high).

3. It detoxifies and strengthen your body

4. It stabilized heartbeat 

and many many more. The benefits of Salt are inexhaustible  but we all know our kidneys are unable to take in too much salt. So another way of acquiring salt, if to breath in salt!


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Space and Light Studios also carry their own apparels for fitness purposes.  

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If you would like to try out 4 FREE yoga sessions at Space and Light Studios, here’s your once in a blue moon chance! I really think it’s very generous of them to provide up to FOUR sessions because studios the most would sponsor 1 free session only. 

Just quote “YOGIBLOG7” when you make an appointment at Verita – Space and Light studios for your yoga sessions! I’m heading back again! 

Space and Light Studios


308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park,Singapore 247974

+65-6643-0550 , +65-9691-7828

[email protected]


Stay healthy,


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