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Sleese has been established for more than 25 years by Mr Yeo. He decided to revamp simple shoes apparel to one with good quality by using premium real leather. As much as I agree branded goods usually comes with great quality, it might not mean the vice versa. That means, a less renowned brand does not mean it’s of bad quality. Mr Yeo invented the brand, sleese (实力牌), to bring across a range of quality shoes at affordable prices. If you are in it for long lasting shoes without spending a bomb, sleese shoes are really suitable for you.  

IMG 0787 The message I would like to tell you is, choose what you like! If you like brands, no one will scold you! But if you prefer quality, perhaps give sleese shoes a try 😉 People always try to find cheap shoes online but that does not grant you the freedom to try them on. Would it be better if you can drop by the online store for browsing, and head down to the physical store for trying? If you agree with me, here’s Sleese’s website.
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Features of sleese shoes

1. Extremely soft and comfortable

2. Long lasting with PU leather

3. Non-slip rubber sole 

4. Waterproof for easy cleaning 

5. Thick in-sole for cushioning

6. Strong sewing material 

Other than sleek sports wear, or sneakers if you want to call it, sleese has several other shoe types for different purposes too! 

Steel-covered shoes with non slippery function for kitchen staff. 


The anti-skid oil resistance feature of the sole is perfect for kitchen staff. Sometimes the floor in the kitchen can be both slippery and wet, so this shoe comes ideal for kitchen staff. The shoes can also come with hard steel tip at the front of the shoe in order to protect the wearer’s toes in case anything hard drop onto the feet. 

kitchen+non slippery+shoes

Good quality school shoes with lasting durability. They are mostly black and white shoes for easy pairing, as well as to adhere to school rules . 

Singapore+school+shoes+online sleese+sole

Big size shoes
which many people with bigger feet would love! The sizes are incredible because they go up to size EUR 48! There are several kinds of material and the shoes in the photo below are real leather shoes. 

Big+size+shoes Big+size+shoes+in+Singapore

And most importantly, KungFu Shoes/TaiJi Shoes

Taiji+shoes Sleese+school+shoes

There are many uses for the KungFu shoes. They can serve as quality martial arts shoes for chinese martial arts enthusiasts, taiji shoes for people who does taiji regularly, or it can be simply worn daily. 

Did I mention the material inside the shoe is incredible? It’s very soft and comfortable especially with a thicker in sole. They can really serve up as good quality shoes. 

I got myself a pair too and I can’t wait to wear this pair Sleese shoes out! 

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Check out Sleese’s website to browse the available shoes! 

Address: Peninsula Shopping Centre

Basement 1 #B3-43, Coleman Street Singapore

(just beside escalator)

Number: +65 6336 8131

[email protected]

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