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[Invited tasting by Smokey’s BBQ]

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Smokey’s BBQ has recently opened its second outlet in the west at Sunset Lane this year June. Their culinary philosophy follows the American Texan BBQ style where unlike charcoal grilled BBQ, they used hickory and mesquite wood to smoke the meats. Finally, there’s a place to impress your meat-loving friends!¬†

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Before I get started, I apologize for the lousy photos because the lighting there was super bad and I don’t have a flash ūüôĀ

Smoked Venison Chili Nachos

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Buffalo Wings 

6 pc $10

12 pc $18

18 pc $25

The buffalo wings did live up its expectation when it’s served fresh and piping hot. Underneath the flavourful crispy skin reveals tender and juicy meats with not much traces of oil.¬†


Smoked US Prime Beef Brisket 


Marinated in ABC Extra Stout, smoked and slow roasted for over 20+ hours, topped with home made BBQ sauce.

The long hour simmering managed to make the slices of¬†beef brisket extremely¬†tender. The original smokey taste from the beef brisket was further enhanced by the restaurant’s home-made sauce. Perhaps I prefer slightly more rawness in beef, so I thought the beef brisket was a little dry. Nonetheless, it can be easily complemented with their sweet tangy home-made BBQ sauce.¬†

Smoked Baby Back Ribs Half Slab $25

Underneath the succulent meat with an alluring smokey bbq taste are huge chunks of beef cartilage. If you like cartilage, good for you! If not, focus on the homemade BBQ sauce and their dry rub seasoning which made this a very satisfying dish for a carnivorous lover. 

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Smoked Baby Back Ribs Half Slab $25
Southern Fried Smoked Fish $17
Cold smoked tender white fish fillet, corn meal crusted and fried.  Served with tarter sauce.

For fish-lovers, perhaps give Smokey’s rendition of Southern Fried Smoked Fish.¬†

I would give an honest comment that the fried fish is a little too dry to the throat. I prefer the wetter version of fish and chips. 

If you want a mouth-watering dish to curb your insatiable hunger after a long day of work, then you must not miss their St Louis Spare Ribs. 

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St Louis Spare Ribs Full (family size) $48

As huge as the photo can tell, the St Louis Spare Ribs are coated with their special in-house sauce packed with lots of goodness. 

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St Louis Spare Ribs Full (family size) $48

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Smokey’s BBQ Singapore¬†

73 Joo Chiat Place Singapore, Singapore, 427790 

Phone: 6345-6914


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