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A week ago I got to experience something for the first time in my life – a ramen eating challenge organised by Ramen Champion: Ramen Big Eater Challenge 2013. To increase the challenge of the competition, they got a competitive eater all the way from Japan, Ms Tomoko Miyake, to compete with 10 other men who managed to get through to the finals. 


Ms Miyake is really an incredible lady! Some of her competitive eating achievement includes consuming special handmade hamburger of 4.6kg, 100 dumplings within 6 mins and 4.6kg of yam rice within 35mins! 

How is that…. possible?!



Besides organising the competition, that day was also the grand opening of the NEW outlet of Ramen Champion at Great World City! They have made this opening special with the introduction of new Ramen brands like Butaou and Miyamoto, with existing brands like Tonkotso Itto and Bishamon Zero. Basically, an arena that brings all good ramen outlets together! 

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 10

These are the ramen available at the new Raman Champion at Great World City. 


My favourite bowl of ramen was also the winning ramen decided by the panel of judges, and it is the SAPPORO MISO SPECIAL RAMEN. Adequate level of saltiness and thickness of the broth are really essential. Sometimes, the choice of the ramen (thick or thin) makes a difference too. 

I was quite lucky to have many opportunities to take photo with the owner of Ramen Champion. He is a really nice Japanese chap who invites me to take a photo together like the one we did below.

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 5

And with all the chefs from Ramen Champion. Oh gosh I’m so fortunate. 

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 4
RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 8
RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 9

Very soon after we had the opening speech done, we had a short food tasting by the panel of judges to determine who is the winner among the four ramen at Ramen Champion @ Great World City. 

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 17

Seems like the judges are very satisfied huh? 🙂

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 18 RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 16

Oh wait, before the celebrity competitor eater gets too occupied with the ramen, let me have a photo with her first. Who would have imagined a petite lady actually having the power and stomach space to eat excessively?

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 14
RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 23

And let the eating fun begin!

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 29
RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 31
RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 32
RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 33

The personnel just keep providing Ms Tomoko with bowls and bowls of ramen, and hold on, plates of gyoza too? 

If you noticed, both the men beside Ms Tomoko have not even finished their large bowl of ramen, but Ms Tomoko is already working on the small individual bowls of ramen! 

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 36

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 39
Licking the lips to show great satisfaction from the yummy ramen

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 40

Finally when the competition came to an end, the scene resembles a war scene, with everyone perspiring except the competitive eater herself. 

Just look at the huge stomach which was not there at all previously.

RamenChampionGreatWorldCity 41

So, do you think you can finish the enormous bowl of ramen all by yourself? If yes, perhaps try joining the eater challenge next year haha! All the best!!!

Thank you Ramen Champion for the invitation! It was such an eye-opener for me. 


Celine Chiam 

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