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Your new kind of experience with lip nourishing oil starts today with the newly launched Lancôme Juicy Shaker! Comes in a petite and cute packaging, this Juicy Shaker is meant for you to shake before using the in-built soft sponge to apply across the lips. You can do it ombre or full lip look, and the best part of it? It smells JUICY! (yum yum!)


Gamme%20aplicateur zpslhfbvf2b You heard (read) me right. The Lancôme Juicy Shaker comes with a fruity scent that matches the quirky names it has. What I have here are Juicy Shaker #102 in Apri-Cute and Juicy Shaker #154 in Great-Fruit.


What’s so special about this new Lancôme Juicy Shaker:

– Bi-phase lip oil that nourishes the lips – Fruity scent as per the name of the juicy shaker – It’s as good as a lip gloss

The color pigments are so concentrated in this Lancôme Juicy Shaker, at first I mistook it as a lip gloss! It applies very comfortably especially with the ultra soft cushion tip applicator that bends accordingly to the pressure you exert.

All you have to do is to shake the Juicy Shaker to mix well the lip oil and pigment before you apply. Lancome%20juicy%20shaker%20lip%20gloss Lancome%20juicy%20shaker%20lip%20gloss 3 zps75lcyivo Lancome%20juicy%20shaker%20lip%20gloss 5 zpscrdncptv
Juicy Shaker #154 in Great Fruit and  Juicy Shaker #102 in Apri-cute (Under white lighting) The two shades I have here might be a little similar in shade, but they look a little different. Apri-cute has a bit of shimmers/glitters in it. Most essentially, they smell different!


Juicy Shaker #154 in Great Fruit and  Juicy Shaker #102 in Apri-cute (Under slight yellowish lighting)

However, these lip oil might look different when applied on the lips itself. For me, they’re almost similar. TIP: You can apply these lip oils in ombre manner to give that korean look! The color pigments are so concentrated, you can achieve the ombre look easily.

Juicy Shaker #102 in Apri-cute

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Juicy Shaker #154 in Great Fruit 
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My thoughts on the new Lancôme Juicy Shaker

Remember I was telling you that at first I thought this was a lip gloss? This is possible thanks to its very nourishing and velvety texture, and the decent colour payoff that it gives off. I definitely wasn’t thinking that this was a lip oil, because my impression of good lip oils sure means they don’t smell fantastic at all. Good to find that these new Juicy shakers smell awesome! Smell like different fruits that they’re named after, it sure perks me up every time I reapply the lip oil. The only downside is that you have to reapply every hour or so, especially when you wipe them off after a meal or a drink. But the good thing about it? It smells so good, you wouldn’t dread reapplying your lip oil from now onwards.

The Lancôme Juicy Shakers are definitely my go-to should I want to go out in light makeup! 

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It has 20 shades in total, with 5 featured shades:

1. Berry in Love

2. Lemon Explosion (Limited Edition)
3. Cherry Symphony
4. Apri-Cute
5. Mangoes Wild

Lancome%20juicy%20shaker%20lip%20gloss 13 zps0tl3uedw Lancome%20juicy%20shaker%20lip%20gloss

Remember to shake well before using it, so that the lip oil and color pigments mix well!

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Lancome%20juicy%20shaker%20lip%20gloss Lancome%20juicy%20shaker%20lip%20gloss The soft cushion tip applicator in Lancôme Juicy Shaker

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