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SkinnyMint is definitely not a foreign name to you. Proud to be many ladies’ success factor to toned and healthy bodies, SkinnyMint TeaTox is a Natural Tea Detox Program that helps you flush all the toxins out of your body and help you achieve a healthier and more toned up body. I’ve been on the regime for a while and I’m quite loving the tea, since I’m a tea drinker to begin with. 

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Each bag comes with 28 tea bags for a month usage. 


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How does it taste? 

The 28 Day Ultimate Teatox is a 2 step natural detox program which includes Morning Boost and Night Cleanse.

For Morning Boost tea, it has a hint of grapefruit, strawberry and pineapple so it itself is a pleasure to drink. The Night Cleanse tea has a minty, lemongrass flavor and is really soothing to have a cup before bedtime.

Like I’ve said, I’m a tea drinker and I love teas, so the more I would love the teas, especially when drinking this help detox my body at the same time!

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What’s my experience?

The Morning Boost helps me to kick-start my day, curbs my appetite and stops me from overeating! Always need that boost for my metabolism to keep me energize all day.

Some people have the misconception that the Night Cleanse results in constant bowel movement and even to the extent diarrhoea. I would like to let you guys know that it’s not true. Yes, I do go to the toilet more often but simply to pass out the excessive toxins accumulated in my body. The process is really natural and painless (not stomachache). I do pass out quite a lot of gas (fart hahaha) as well but thankfully they’re not smelly or pungent haha!!!

Overall it is a good detox tea and it produces result. Mine isn’t obvious on the exterior but my body does feel the difference. I feel less bloated and more alert throughout the day!

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Now that I’m done with my 28 Day Teatox, I will have to take a 3-4 weeks break before my next round of Teatox. But did you know that the Morning Boost works very well on its own too? The Night Cleanse helps to rid our body of toxins, but it is very powerful so it’s good to give our body a break. However, you can continue to drink Morning Boost every day!

The Morning Boost can be used to replace caffeinated drinks like coffee. Do you know too much coffee can dehydrate and infuse hunger for sugary delights? Morning Boost also contains caffeine, yet it gives you the same energy and suppresses cravings at the same time. Definitely a healthier choice!

To encourage you to achieve a better healthier you, Skinny Mint is having a Double Boost Deal at 33% off ! That’s double the goodness! 😀


Enjoy your SkinnyMint Detox Programme today! Visit Skinnymint for more details. 


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