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I went on to try out The Marmalade Pantry after reading ladyironchef’s review on this. Went with my good friend Jolie to do some catching up! 

As usual, 

Verdict: Mains are average, but desserts are a must-try.

I swear their desserts are marvelous, and the price are not steep either. Click here for the dessert review! 


Overall, as the restaurant was located in the centre in ION orchard, you can’t escape the bustling shopping crowd. People walk past everywhere, and there was no chance for quietness nor relaxation. But there’s nothing much we can ask for either, since it’s an open area concept that the restaurant decided to adopt. 

When I was there at 2pm, the restaurant was still filled with customers. I was able to get a seat without waiting for long. But at around 3pm, the high-tea crowd started streaming in and the queue was at least consisting 6 pairs of customers waiting. Thus it is no joke when they say The Marmalade Pantry is indeed famous for its high-tea and not the mains, which I totally agree and I shall explain why later. If you would have to choose between mains and desserts, I suggest you going for desserts because they are good and value for money. For the mains? You’ll know soon! (Not saying they are bad, but….) 

The waiting time for the food was around 15-25mins, on a Friday afternoon, that’s unavoidable. 


We both ordered different mains and we weren’t satisfied despite its slightly steep price. I guess we have both ordered the wrong food cos we girls were like ogling at other’s dishes and despising our own ones HAHA! I wish we can go back again and try out their better dishes, or at least the ones we ogled at. 


After trying out a few restaurants, I have to say The Marmalade Pantry is considered above-average price. It’s understandable because its located in a popular mall (ION!). The restaurant was mainly filled with rich caucasians who didn’t finish their food, and rich tai-tais. We are just poor students y’know L

Our bill fetched a total $67 with one main and one cupcake each. Quite pricy to me, considering I wasn’t happy with the mains. I only find the food worth the price if it’s good enough. 

20121214 155024 Here’s their brunch menu.

Alright peeeeektures! 


Their sleek and simple menu. 

IMG 3564
IMG 3565

Some photos taken using S3 phone camera. 

IMG 20121214 WA0001+%25281%2529 IMG 20121214 WA0000+%25281%2529

Good news!!!

The Marmalade Pantry is having this Mondays promo where their mains are one-for-one after 6pm! I’m going to give it one more chance and order some nice dishes and do a better review next time. However, suck thumb and read about my not-so-satisfied review about their mains first  L

IMG 3584

First food up! 

IMG 3567

Seared Scallop Linguini 

with tiger prawn bisque 


That is all the description they have in the menu, which I felt was a little deceiving because I was totally totally totalllly not expecting something like this. Maybe I didn’t decipher well but there was completely no mention of black pepper at all. In fact I thought it will come in a tomato base, which then again disappointed me too. The most important thing is, this taste somewhat like those prawn noodle that I can find in any hawker stall. Jolie agrees too. 

If you want to know what is this dish about, it comes in the prawn bisque, which I googled to be:

Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly-seasoned soup of French origin, classically based on a strained broth (coulis) of crustaceans. It can be made from lobster, 

There you go. Bisque is the soup. But you will find a considerable amount of black pepper in it. 

Unfortunately, I hate black pepper. But of cos I won’t ditch this dish because I have to pay for it! Haha, okay poor me shall not bitch about it anymore. Blame myself for not asking about the dish. Nonetheless, I hope those who’ve read this and dislike black pepper too can avoid this dish. For those who love black pepper can give it a try! 

IMG 3577

The prawn and scallop was pretty good and fresh too. Something to be happy about. 

IMG 3579

Jolie’s dish

IMG 3569

Pork and Fennel Seed Sausage Lasagna 

with mushrooms and parmesan 


It was wayyyy better than mine. It’s especially good when it’s served hot. You can feel and taste the parmesan cheese melting when you bring it into your mouth. There were layers of lasagna which was quite evident when I bite it, not sure if a good lasagna is supposed to be like this! *embarrass*. Nonetheless, I preferred this to mine. Since other than salmon, I love cheese too ^_^ 

IMG 3572

Here’s the happy girl 🙂

IMG 3580


Are you anticipating the dessert review? I shall keep you in suspense and blog about the dessert in another post. But please remember, good things are worth the wait. I definitely have much better things to say about the dessert. Nonetheless, just like how the waiter stupidly forgot our dessert order and made us wait a good 10mins, you’ll have to wait for the desserts too 🙁 Stay tuned! 

The Marmalade Pantry

( Tel: +65 6734 2700

Address: Unit 03-22 ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801

Nearest MRT station: Orchard MRT station

Opening hours: 

10am – 10pm 


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