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body%2Bperfect%2Bslimming%2Bcentre%2Bsingapore 7 I can’t deny, I have always been skeptical about slimming centres and the results they claim. There are many times commercials on the television promoting slimming packages garner exclaims from my mum, “ah all fake”. Is it really real or are the results really artificial? Are slimming treatments really useless and a waste of money? Read this article to find out the truth yourself, through my personal encounter…
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Fast forwarding through the administrative procedures after I reached BodyPerfect in Orchard, I was ushered into a room to carry out my personal consultation with my consultant. We went through simple questions to know about my body in detail. Through a body assessment, I got to know more about my weight and all the facts about my body was ‘revealed’.

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To my surprise, some of the observation about my body just by looking at the figures are pretty accurate. My consultant was able to correctly identify that I am always lacking water and my weak habit of drinking is not helping my body to fully absorb before it get flushed out of my body.

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For goodness sake, I have almost 2KG of fats and this is how it looks!!! 

As much as the pre-treatment consultation process is boring, it is absolutely important to have a good assessment so that the consultant is able to produce a report and analyze the differences after the treatment.

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Markings were made on my tummy to identify the area for treatment

Jumping to the treatment, my consultant was able to identify two worrying issues relating to my body – My back upper thighs and tummy. I know, I’m pretty sure all burning questions about “How to lose weight” probably all link to tummy and thunder thighs *cues in thunder sound effects*.

For the treatment, it was mainly the technique called Ultrasonic Cavitation or Ultrasound Liposuction, a non-surgical spot and fat reduction therapy.This treatment attacks stubborn fat deposits that are difficult to reduce.

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Perhaps the following information would be useful to you (courtesy to BodyPerfect):

Unlike a traditional tummy tuck or liposuction, in ultrasonic cavitation there is no invasive procedure, no anesthesia and no surgery. The most common problem areas are the buttocks, abdomen, love handles, thighs, upper arms, and male breasts.  BodyPerfect’s 50k Ultrasonic cavitation is the perfect treatment for cellulite and localized adiposity. It offers a contouring solution  to get your body back that requires no recovery times, leaves no scars and needs no anesthesia. We combine this with DFS wrap sculpting system- DFS simply stands for Drainage and Fat Sculpting. Weight management and contouring treatments usually work better when different modalities are combined. For you, we combined “Fat Blasting” in the form of cavitation, and combined with Fat Sculpting and Drainage for “emptying” the fat cells and expunging it from the body through your lymphatic drainage.

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From my own experience

The treatment process was relaxing and slow-paced. The therapist applied a cooling gel over the area and proceeded to exert strength with the tool (as shown in the pic) and move in a circular motion. Each area will require between 5-15 mins of the treatment to see immediate results.

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After all were done, I was body-wrapped with Fat Burn Formulation to control fat burn. That means my tummy and thigh areas were all cling-wrapped but not to the extent causing me discomfort. I was then covered with the heating blanket like a worm in its cocoon.

This step of transmitting far infrared energy to my body is mainly to increase enzymic fat metabolism and ensure better dexoification of the toxins and fats cells that were broken down through the prior treatment.


Results after the treatment

I lost a total of 7.8 inches overall, as summed up from this list of results shown in the photo.

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At the end of the day, I guess you really wanted to know if such slimming treatments really work? I must say, let’s be realistic. Don’t expect ALL your baby fats to disappear immediately after just one treatment. It’s just impossible and miracles don’t happen. I do see a slight improvement immediately after the first treatment and that alone is pretty impressive. It may be temporal, but I believe consistent effort placed into such treatments, along with dietary adherence would in time solve your obesity problem.

Try out the treatment yourself by redeeming a free sample on Sample Store here: https://www.samplestore.com/body-perfect-7-day-slimming-experience.html 

or visit www.bodyperfect.com.sg/samplestore!

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With the very sweet therapist for my treatment

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