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Conveniently located in the heart of town, Cold Stone Creamery never never fails to have a long queue outside their parlor, especially on a hot sunny day. 

Craving for some good quality ice cream that day, I dragged my boyfriend over with me because we are just near Orchard. Not surprised on a sunday, there was indeed a long queue outside Cold Stone and I think the waiting time was roughly 15mins. 

15 minutes for a cup of ice-cream? You might be wondering why waste the time. 

But that’s cos they promise you ice-cream with fresh ingredients included only upon your demand. 


The menu they have on the wall. These are the signature creations which saves you the trouble for thinking what ingredients to mix with what ice cream flavour. 

I ordered the Strawberry Banana Rendezvous! 


What they did was to put the ball of ice cream onto a cold metal penal, throw in the necessary ingredients to create the ice-cream creations and started mixing them. 

So they toss and turn and mix the ice-cream right in front of you! 


So here is my ice cream! 


Strawberry Banana Rendezvous (Small)

Strawberry Ice-cream, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, White chocolate chips, Strawberries and Banana


Looks a little melted here! But I guess it’s because the metal panel isn’t entirely zero degrees, so you can’t expect the ice cream to not melt at all 🙁

But the ice cream was good! The strawberry they used that day was a little sour though. But the strawberry ice cream taste just as right. There was an abundant amount of white chocolate chips in it too! Which explains why the price of this ice-cream is a little expensive, but it’s worth the penny! 

This was what my boyfriend ordered:


Chocolate Devotion (Small)

Chocolate ice-cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge 


Even a chocolate lover like him claims that this ice-cream was very very chocolate-y. With all the brownies and fudge within the chocolate flavoured ice-cream, you can’t escape the extreme sweetness! If you don’t have a sweet tooth, probably go for something minty, like the mint mint chocolate chocolate chip! 


There were quite a plenty amount of seats inside Cold Stone creamery. Some were cozy little sofas, which some are wooden chairs along the wall and outside the parlor, inside Central building inside. Even on a busy day, I could still find myself vacant seats around. So probably not a problem! 

Cold Stone Creamery plays radio music in the background as well, so I guess this is a good place for you to grab a cup of ice-cream for cooling, and rest your tired feet after walking around the town. Eat the ice-cream, and continue shopping after that. Hahaha! 

Cold Stone Creamery 

( Tel: +65 6735 5381 

Address: 181 Orchard Road #01-09/10, Orchard Central 

Nearest MRT station: Somerset MRT station

Hui Yan- 

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