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This is a guest post by  Michelle Dayang  Across the globe more and more people are as of now enjoying online shopping via online s…

This is a guest post by Michelle Dayang 

free%2Bshipping Across the globe more and more people are as of now enjoying online shopping via online stores and web apps. To be more precise, in Singapore itself more than 46% of young adults indulge in online shopping rigorously. Despite online shopping being so widely accepted, online customers are still finicky about a few factors when it comes to shopping online and are often seen abandoning their carts for many reasons. The second most cited reason of card abandonment is shipping costs. There have been many surveys where shoppers agree to the fact that shipping costs impact their decision of shopping online. Aiming to help online shoppers overcome this problem, CUPONATION, the savings platform, has created a quick shipping guide that covers the shipping and delivery information of the topmost online retailers in Singapore. You can find the complete guide here!

Higher shipping cost is not the only reason because of which customers abandon the cart. Longer shipping intervals is another reason that can result into a deal breaker. It is why the couponing platform decided to include not just the individual shipping costs of these retailers in this cheat sheet but also other crucial information related to shipping, including the delivery period too.

Smart online shopping not just requires a shopper to discover the best coupons and discounts but it also requires the customers to make use of other smart features. Shipping and delivery is one such smart feature that can help shoppers in making wise decisions while indulging in online shopping. There’s a huge number of customer base in Singapore that understands that shipping plays an important role in their overall shopping experience. It is why many online shoppers in Singapore search for retailers offering free shipping and quicker delivery services before shopping online. With shoppers becoming more aware about such features, many retailers have started offering a flat rate for shipping. Comparing such features and keeping a track of shipping/delivery details of multiple retailers is not an easy task but keeping this “Shipping/Delivery Cheat Sheet” handy for the top 10 Singapore retailers is comparatively easier.  So, go ahead and let this guide be an aid for your anytime anywhere smart shopping indulgence!

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