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This is a photo taken with my lovely mum before I flew off to Europe for my university exchange! 

Sadly, I couldn’t spend this year’s Mother’s Day with my mother because I’m here in Germany. But I would still like to do a shout-out to my mum, 母亲节快乐,妈咪 (Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy)!

Exchange life in Germany 

It’s been more than a month since I’m away for my university exchange. Time really flies and I am totally not expecting this! I am essentially left with 3.5 more months to enjoy my life here, travelling around Europe and meeting many new people!

I’ve been couchsurfing most of the time and I’m proud to say I haven’t stayed at any overseas accommodation yet! This accomplishment aside, what I enjoy most is meeting new people from different countries through couchsurfing. I’ll leave this topic to another post!

As much as Europe is entering Spring and the weather can still be cold and chilly, the sun is super glaring! Like I have to constantly squint my eyes because the sun rays are too much for my eyes to handle. Not much of the heat but it’s the glaring sun rays. For that, one of the essentials for my exchange trip is none other than a pair of good shades. A pair of good shades that comes with UV protection to protect my eyes from the harmful rays. Police+shades

You can in fact find many shades options on Eye-Trendy



This Mother’s Day, get something special for your dearest mummy! 

They too need something to protect their delicate eyes. And what’s better now than to just simply join a contest and stand a chance to win this pair of ELLE shades that is worth S$173? 

Mother's+day+giveaway I try to keep the steps simple. So all you have to do is:

1. Like my FB page here: 2. Share this FB Post and leave a comment on the FB post as to why you would want to give this pair of ELLE shades to your mum (or even wife)!

Contest ends 4 May 2014, 2359. Contest proudly organised by Eye-Trendy

Great news! Optional FREE Delivery if requested 🙂



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