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When I first saw the release of LANEIGE Two Tone Correcting and Contouring Bar, I was super excited. Laneige is back again creating Two Tone makeup products that serves duo functions for makeup application. The Two Tone Correcting Bar each have its use to correct different kinds of skin tone and undertone issues, such as redness or skin dullness; whereas the just like how the name suggests, the Two Tone Contouring Bar helps you to contour your face for a more defined look.

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There are a total of 6 LANEIGE Two Tone Correcting and Contouring Bars:

Two Tone Correcting Bar

No. 1 Primer – To refine skin texture, including fine lines No. 2 Pink Coral – Counters redness such as dark eye circles No. 3 Purple Blue – For a brightening effect on dull skin No. 4 Mint Lemon – Highlight and combat skin redness

Two Tone Contouring Bar

No. 1 Cacao No. 2 Almond

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The back of the packaging guides you on the suggested areas for application

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No. 1 Primer

LANEIGE%20Two%20Tone%20Correcting%20Bar 07

Two Tone Contouring Bar – No. 2 Almond 

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Overall, I’m impressed with the texture of these LANEIGE Two Tone Correcting and Contouring Bar, which turn out to be very creamy. Accompanied with the LANEIGE Multi-blending Brush (not pictured, apologies!), the blending wasn’t a very tough task. If you’ve been looking for something that can correct your skin tone before putting on the base, then this would be a good choice. Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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