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Are you the type of person that always goes for flowers in case you don’t know what to get for your beloved ones? Flowers are such a good …

Are you the type of person that always goes for flowers in case you don’t know what to get for your beloved ones? Flowers are such a good way to express your love, admiration, appreciation, or just about any emotion you have hidden in there, unable to find the right words for. I personally don’t know of a single person that doesn’t love receiving flowers, whether it’s for a special occasion or no occasion at all.

I found A Better Florist by complete accident. I was tagged on Instagram by a friend, and it was this gorgeous tulip bouquet I couldn’t get my eyes off. There was just something about it, so of course I had to go on a mission to see what they are all about which led me to their website.

Their website is sweet and short. All your options are there, but you’re not suffocated with millions of options so it’s difficult to choice. They have pre-designed most popular choices of blooms that are in season right now, which makes your choice real simple. You don’t have to do any research in fact, because there’s enough variety to suit anyone’s taste. I really enjoy the idea of having already handcrafted flowers on there, and all you had to do was click the shop button. I had to order the pretty tulip bouquet I saw on Instagram, I simply had to check it out in person.


What you see here is exactly what you get; only it’s more beautiful and charming in person. While the beauty comes in first place, at least to me, I also have to mention their efficiency. The bloom arrived within an hour after I’ve placed my order, which was definitely a huge surprise. Florists around Singapore mostly claim they have fast delivery, but none actually come through. This was undeniably a fast service and the flowers looked like they were freshly picked from a farm, five minutes ago.

As far as the price point goes, it’s definitely worth every single penny, because you’re getting first-rate bouquets. They are by far my favourite cheap florist in Singapore. I would have paid even more, as they are as fresh and beautiful as they can be.

Looking for a florist that can cater to you from the very comfort of your home? I highly recommend visit A Better Florist.

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Elma Humpries is a content writer and a photographer who loves to explore and discover variations of flowers. 

Celine Chiam is a Singapore Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blogger. Welcome to her world of beauty reviews, travelogues and every day tips! She’s on #dayre (@chiamhuiy) and instagram (@chiamhuiy) as well.

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