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Have you been racking your brain to decide what to do this Valentine’s Day?

I used to have a lot of free time so I have the luxury to prepare home cooked meals and bake some cute cookies. But now that work is piling up and I’m doing both part time and school, PLUS blogging, I seriously have no time for these kid’s play.


Haha I’m sorry if I sound really frustrated but it’s really important to know what’s our priorities. But even if work comes, our partners are equally important! They are the pillars of support in our hectic lives and all I yearn for is to spend some quiet time alone with my boyfriend during Valentine’s Day this year. What bout you? 🙂


So as you can tell that I’m really busy these days, I was thrilled to know that FoodPanda is able to delivery food to any destination of my choice. That means one item off my worry-list!


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Henderson Waves
Henderson Wave

Whether you choose to camp out at a park or beach, or even in your own backyard, leave to deliver a 3-course meal, dian xin or ramen, with dessert of course. With a choice of over 350 restaurants serving western, Chinese and Japanese, finding something special is a breeze. All you have to do is bring the flowers, candles, insect repellent and provide foodpanda with your exact location, so your meal arrives steaming hot.

For the ones not celebrating Valentine’s with a significant other, don’t be left out. Enjoy the occasion with those you love. Dine at home with best friends or family. Order from the extensive range of cuisines available at the foodpanda marketplace which offers over 350 diners who would deliver to your doorstep in 5 easy minutes. All you need is to key in your postal code, select your orders and food will be delivered in less than an hour.


I’m not sure about you, but I’m a crowd-hater. I dislike going out if it’s really crowded. So if you’re like me, let me suggest a few places for you!


These are some of the uncommon places unlike those common ones people usually go to (they love going to expensive restaurants but imagine hundreds of couples around you). And all you have to do is to make a call to FoodPanda and they will deliver the food to you!


To order, head to and make your delivery!



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Marina Bay Broadway 


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