Celine Chiam | Singapore lifestyle, food and beauty blogger: Who am I

That’s “Are you fine”, “How are you” in cantonese. 

I go by the name Celine, but my old friends know me as Hui Yan. I am born in 1992, do the math. I love animals, photography and food! Which explains why you see sooooo many food reviews on my blog. 

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I’m a super avid fan of HongKong drama and most of the time I watch the latest Hongkong Drama online.

Other than just watching drama, I have to cope with my studies as well. 

I am a third year business undergraduate studying in Singapore Management University. 

Most of the time, you will see food reviews on my blog. That’s because I love food and I hope to try out different cuisine and culinary in Singapore since there are so many alternative choices apart from the mainstream restaurants we have been patronizing too much. Food reviews are only meant to share my food-diary which serves no intention to act like a professional critique. In fact, I have zero expertise in food philosophy. I blog about honest remarks about everything I eat and that’s my passion.

I’ve also started to attend events, media launches, food tastings and many more! This blog has turned into a lifestyle blog, rather than one with only food reviews.

I love photography as well! But I’m very lazy to read up so I usually like to figure out the settings and develop my photography skills as time goes by. And tada, here you have my food reviews mostly filled with photos that I take with my 
CANON EOS 550 D + Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 Lens. I fall in love with my new lens immediately.


I have a very supportive family and a caring boyfriend, who you usually see in my blog, his name is SY! He is da one who always visit new restaurants with me and help me with the photos-taking. Thank you! ❤ 


At BKK dec2012

(He looks like he has a tummy here, but no, he’s skinnier than me)


I also love skating! I usually skate on Fridays with my friends in uni, with which we call our CCA, Smux Skating Team. We urban to dinner almost every night if it doesn’t rain.


He was a skaterboy~~~


That’s much about me! 

Thanks for reading! And continue to read my blog! 

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