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This year, I tried to make it a point to style my hair for important events.

Most of the time, I bun up my hair to keep any flying ends out of the way. But if time allows, I may actually use heating curler to curl in my ends or even braid up my fringe.

But as you’re doing all these, have you ever thought that you are actually damaging your scalp?

Constant tying of hair and styling may put a strain on our scalp, especially the hair follicles as we pull our hair into a pony tail or bun. So you think your hair condition is as good as it looks? Think again. Many things are actually not easily noticeable for our naked eyes.


Recently, I went for a scalp diagnosis and I found out the amount of hair on the top part of my head is significantly lesser than those on the sides. Come to think of it, it could be that I’ve been tying my hair in buns almost every day, which causes pulling and tugging. Do you know that these seemingly harmless everyday acts are slowly but eventually causing you hair loss problems? In fact, the wrong choice of shampoo and conditioners that are not suitable for your scalp can also cause your hair problems like clogged hair follicles, which eventually leads to hair loss or balding. The more I think of it, the more terrified I become. And so to rid all my worries, I actually go for hair health check once in a while to make sure everything is under control. Honestly, I think everyone should! Make use of the complimentary health hair check to find out your hair condition and learn tips on how to take care of your hair and scalp.


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