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I’m sure you have heard of Huiji Bu Yao Jin (汇集补腰精). You might not know the actual product itself, but I’m pretty sure you’ll know that it’s a tonic that is good for the health, especially for the elderly like our parents or even grandparents. 

I got here a Huiji Chinese New Year gift set which I thought is the best gift set to show our respect and concerns for our older generation. In view of the upcoming CNY, Huiji has prepared a few gift sets such as:


Huiji Gift of Thoughts (S$63) – an exquisite gift for loved ones and elderly as your wish of good health

Huiji Waist Tonic & Huiji Fruity Lite Banded Pack (S$49.80) – perfect combo to prepare yourself for Chinese New Year celebrations with Huiji Waist Tonic alleviating backache and overcoming fatigue after spring cleaning, while Huiji Fruity Lite helps to clear excess oil and expel body toxins before and after Chinese New Year feasting.

I have here the Huiji Gift of Thoughts gift set which includes  a  bottle  of  Huiji  Waist  Tonic  (700ml),  a  total  12  sachets of  Huiji  Fruity  Lite  tea  nicely packed  in  two  modern  tea  tins  and  a  bottle  of  Huiji  honey  (500g). You can tell this gift set can be shared across generations, which is perfect to unwrap and enjoy together during the upcoming festive season. 


More about Huiji Waist Tonic:

Huiji Waist Tonic is made of 100% premium natural herbs – cordyceps, ginseng, du zhong, dang gui, shouwu   and   da   zao.   Every   bottle   of   Huiji   Waist   Tonic   is   produced   in a   local   GMP   (Good Manufacturing   Practices)   factory   that   upholds   stringent   quality   control.   With   state-of-the-art extraction technologies and a finer extraction of the essence and goodness of top-grade herbs, every drop of Huiji Waist Tonic is packed with goodness and rich with nutrients. It has no alcohol content, added sugar, honey and thickening agents, making it  suitable for people with special dietary needs and vegetarians. Huiji  Waist  Tonic  is  a  blend  of  six  premium  herbs.  The  consumption  of  Huiji  Waist  Tonic  can  help alleviate   backache,  overcome   fatigue,  build  vitality  and  nourish  vital  energy,  promote   blood circulation, and help with cold hand and feet. It is suitable for the whole family to consume. 

More about Huiji  Fruity  Lite: 

A  natural  digestive  drink, Huiji Fruity Lite  contains  superior  ingredients  such  as high-grade  hawthorn  fruit,  plum  and  honey  and  is  manufactured  using  advanced  scientific  methods. 

Without  any  artificial  flavouring,  Huiji  Fruity  Lite  tea  can  be  consumed  anytime  of  the  day,  hot  or cold. A  popular  drink  and  a  top  favourite  in  Watsons,  Huiji  Fruity  Lite  has  won  the  prestigious  Watsons Health,  Wellness  &  Beauty  Award  over  the  years.  This  mildly  sweet  beverage  is  a  perfect  drink before  and  during  Chinese  New  Year  as  it  helps  to  aid  digestion,  clear  excess  oil  and  expel  body toxins after all the indulgence in the festive goodies.

Both gift sets above are only available throughout the month of January 2016, while stocks last. 

Huiji Gift of Thoughts is available in FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra and Sheng Siong; Huiji Waist Tonic  &  Huiji  Fruity  Lite  Banded  Pack  is  available  at Bee’s  Brand,  Cold  Storage,  FairPrice,  FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Giant, OG, Prime, Sheng Siong, Unity, ZTP, as well as pharmacies and medical halls. For more information on Huiji products, please call 6748 2911. 

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