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taobao%2Bshopping I’ve been shopping so much on Taobao, yet I’ve never once tried buying from Taobao direct. There are many reasons to this – the language barrier, the hassle, the delivery and even shipment duration. As an avid user of Ezbuy (I used them when they were previously known as 65daigou), I fell in love with the convenience and promotions Ezbuy could bring me. Besides, do you know that the crazy 11.11 taobao sales is coming up? During this crazy packed day, the last thing you would want is messed up orders. In this case, why not try Ezbuy?
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Taobao shoes haul on my dayre.

Before I start, if you haven’t tried Ezbuy before, here’s a $10 voucher for you to use! No minimum purchase required. Enjoy the free voucher once you register with Ezbuy.

1. Language barrier

I have actually tried using Tao Bao direct before, and I failed terribly. I call myself someone who has a pretty alright grasp of mandarin, of which some people call me cheena hahaha. Truth is, I speak mandarin at home and I also typed my messages to my parents in Chinese, so conversing in mandarin has not been a big problem to me. Even so, I still find it difficult to communicate with the service people on Taobao. Although they are very polite, sometimes they just don’t get what I’m trying to say, and they just keep saying “亲 我不明白”, which means “dear I don’t understand”.

It can be quite frustrating to converse with the service people. You can avoid this entire hassle through ezbuy because they’ll be the one helping you communicate with the china merchants.

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Ezbuy will assist you to liaise on behalf to all sellers. It helps to bridge any communication gap and handle all orders purchasing, monitoring and follow-ups actions.

That also applies to after sales. Friendly ezbuy staff will help liaise with the sellers should you have any problems with your purchases. Basically, this makes them a one-stop solution with a personal touch hotline, email, online chat and website enquiry inbox available to assist all your enquiry. Remember, during Taobao 11.11, this help is very crucial! 

2. Make your order in English 

If you can’t really read Chinese that well, you’ll be glad to know that everything on Ezbuy is in English!

Screen%2BShot%2B2016 10 16%2Bat%2B7.20.19%2Bpm

You just have to simply add in the link on the search bar and you can find the item you would like to get.

Screen%2BShot%2B2016 10 16%2Bat%2B7.23.12%2Bpm

And add into the cart!

For taobao, it’s way harder because you have to read most of the stuff in Chinese.

Screen%2BShot%2B2016 10 16%2Bat%2B7.26.20%2Bpm

3. Promotions and discounts! 

There’s a good reason why I like using Ezbuy. I actually subscribed to their whatsapp notifications so every now and then where they have promotion, I get informed immediately! Promotions include shipping fee reduction, mega sales events (65eday), and Daily Flash Sales. I’m so excited for Taobao 11.11! 

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My favourite? The “FREE AGENT FEE” promotion! That means, I don’t have to pay agent fee!

4. Fuss-free shipment without having you to monitor 

We all won’t have the time to keep monitoring our shipments. That’s another plus point of Ezbuy. 

All shipments are monitored closely by the Ezbuy agents. They do the follow-up with vendors for you when there is a delay on delivery, or shipments. 

5. Uncertain shipment fees 


Evidently on the conversation screenshot above, I was trying to find out how much is a standard shipping fee, but all the agent did was to repeat “enquire with the seller”. 

This is unlike the standard shipping fee table Ezbuy has:

Screen%2BShot%2B2016 10 16%2Bat%2B7.48.00%2Bpm

All in all, if you are not in a rush to get your purchases, you can go for the lowest shipping option – no base charge and a flat shipping rate of  $1.69 per 500g. Ezbuy also does both repacking and consolidation to save up to 60% more in shipping fee for you.


However, there’s one more way to reduce your shipping fees!!

6. PRIME Shipping ($2.99 ONLY) 

If you haven’t heard, Ezbuy has introduced PRIME shipping quite a while back, and many shoppers are benefiting from it, such as me! 


You have to however get a membership for PRIME, but as long as your item falls under their PRIME category, you can enjoy $2.99 unlimited shipping. It sounds like a really good deal, I would say. I’ve ever since started using PRIME to ship all my purchases, and even my brother is enjoying the flat $2.99 shipping fee. That actually made us shop even more, because we saved so much on shipping fees itself. 

Screen%2BShot%2B2016 10 16%2Bat%2B8.13.39%2Bpm

The downside is that it takes slightly longer to reach us because PRIME shipping probably used sea mode, hence it’ll take longer than by air. I mean, that doesn’t really matter right? Unless you are rushing for time. If not, be prepared to save tons on shipping fee, which is the best when purchasing heavy stuff like furniture.


My taobao loots most of the time. Ezbuy always consolidates them for me! I cannot imagine my taobao haul during Taobao 11.11 hahaa.

7. Delivery VS Self-collection

Most of us are working, hence it’s uncommon that we would be at home in the day. Taobao direct only offers delivery to home, and it’ll start charging after two failed delivery attempts. However with ezbuy, there’s flexible collection mode with both Home Delivery or Free Collection Points. There’s over 190+ free collection points to choose from, covering 93% of Singapore residential area and also work places. I usually go to Raffles Place outlet to collect my parcel! 


Taobao accessories haul on my dayre.

8. And finally, inspection service!  Let’s talk a bit about this crucial step. Technically, buying from overseas comes with certain risks. You wouldn’t have the chance to inspect your goods before eventually shipping them over to Singapore. That is also when Ezbuy agents are able to help you with inspection coverage to ensure correct order with no visual defects before shipment. Again, such a basic inspection service would come in handy during Taobao 11.11 sales period. Rest assure Ezbuy agents will help you do a surface inspection before shippng out to you. Even if there’s questions or defects, leave it to the hands of theirs to settle with the sellers, on your behalf!


With that, I hope I’ve given you a good picture of why you should start using Ezbuy Singapore! Get ready and brace yourself for the upcoming Taobao 11.11 Crazy Shopping Sales!!

Enjoy $10 free shopping credits if you sign up a new account here Bit.ly/celine65

Thanks for reading! ❤


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