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Last Christmas, I got a lovely gift from Sudio Sweden which gives me the chance to feature their latest earphones collection – Vasa earphone. Join me as I unbox this gift of amazing Sudio earphones with good sound quality, chic design and tangle-free features…

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The Vasa earphones comes in four colors – Blue, Pink, Rose gold black and Rose gold white. The blue is an electric blue while the pink is a pastel pink, which is also the one I got this time round. 

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A brief background of the Vasa earphones 

Sudio VASA – With a full–feature 3-button remote and mic for Android and iOS. The Sudio VASA has been named after King Gustaf Vasa, who lead the Swedish War of Liberation against King Christian II of Denmark during the 16th century. VASA is one of Sudio ́s premium models, to which a new generation 10,2 mm driver has been developed. The new driver is our best so far. The user is now able to hear every detail, in every instrument, in every song, giving a unique unforgettable sound experience

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What each  Sudio earphones box contains: 

– VASA earphones with 4 pairs of extra sleeves 
- Owner’s Manual & Quality Assurance Card
- Genuine Leather Carrying Case
- Metal Clip

For the more well informed about tech specification: 

Type: 10,2 mm Dynamic Speaker

Sensitivity: 113 dB SPL @ 1 kHz

Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 18 Hz – 23 kHz

For more on the technical specifications, you may visit 

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My experience with Vasa Pink:

First of all, let’s just say I really love the pastel shade of pink. It’s definitely more feminine and lovely, makes me want to flaunt my  Sudio earphones every time! 

I mean, just look at the Instagram feed itself. Too stylish. 

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Sudio earphones are known to be very minimalistic and tangle free, which is what I really love about the product itself. Being tangle free, it’s easy for me to take it out of my bag and plug into my phone, without any need to untangle my earphones . Save me a lot of trouble! 

As for the sound quality, I must say the quality is more worth than its accompanying price tag. The 10.2 mm driver has also been tuned to deliver extremely clear tunes with a natural bass. With VASA, you are able to hear every instrument in your favourite songs, just as if you were inside the recording studio.

Priced at only S$110 with free shipping from Sweden, it’s quite a good catch! Thank Sudio Sweden for giving me the chance to try out your amazing earphones  again! Quote “Celine15” to enjoy 15% discount! 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤
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