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Isn’t it nothing but delight to see this photo filled with vibrant colours? Pictured here are the 10 variants of Original Source Shower Gel, and that’s right, Original Source is now available in Singapore for you! 

You may have heard of Original Source before, especially about its yummy flavours or scented shower gels you may call it. I’m not kidding when I say Shower Gels have its fans because I remember there was once I saw a caucasian buying a bottle of shower gel from Guardian store, and this is probably only so if he really likes Original Source, isn’t it? 


 To begin, here’s a very brief background of Original Source Shower Gels.

Original Source Shower Gels actually originate from UK. Each and every bottle of Original Source Shower Gel is packed with the intense power of nature to give you a sensorial hit. They are made with natural plant extracts and authentic fragrances found from all aspects of nature, including 100% essential oils certified by the aromatherapy council. It is also absolutely vegan because they do not test on animals or allow any testing conducted by 3rd parties.

And here’s all 10 of the shower gels!

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Left to right: Lavender and Tea Tree, Shea Butter and Honey, Vanilla and Raspberry
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Left to right: Lime, Lemon and Tea Tree, Lemon and Lime for Men

And of course not to forget for the men… 

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Left to right: Spearmint, Black mint, lemon and lime

And here’s their one and only scrub for now – Cranberry and Honey! 

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Ask me what’s my favourite, it’s actually the sweet scented flavours! Nothing can express how much a sweet tooth I am. Imagine your whole bathroom smells like vanilla and raspberry after your bath – isn’t it perfect?


Otherwise, something zesty and refreshing is good for me too. Which is why I brought along the Zesty Lemons flavoured shower gel to my staycation at Studio M Hotel on Valentine’s Day few weeks back.


Now is the question of where to get it! 

At only SGD6.50 per bottle, Original Source Shower Gel can be found in Guardian, Watsons and other selected partnering stores. Give them a try and I guarantee you’ll like the effect of the scented shower gels! 


Original Source Shower Gel also comes in a gift pack consisting of their two bestsellers – Mint and Tea Tree and Cranberry and Honey Scrub. 


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Get yours today! 🙂

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