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I remember I once walked past Too Cool For School’s store in Vivo City and walked in to look at their products. Generally, their products are really cool (literally) and interesting! They packaged their products such a way that they are not the normal products you see in the market and you’ll find some interesting features about their products. Which brings me to today’s topic, we’ll be reviewing the Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack & Soap!


Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack & Soap is just like how the name suggests, they are dispensed out as mousse for really clean cleansing. I did a quick search online to find that Mousse cleansers are better because they adhere more to the dirt, but are less harsh to the skin like mud masks. What does that mean?


It means it can do deep cleansing without stripping off the moisture from your skin!


Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack & Soap dispense out really thick solid foam that doesn’t even fall off my palm. The Egg Mousse Soap is much thicker than the Egg Mousse Pack though. 


What is the difference? 

I would see the Egg Mousse Pack as a weekly maintenance thing while the Egg Mousse Soap as a daily cleanser. The Egg Mousse Pack (yellow) creates a soft whipping cream massage pack that brightens and nourishes the skin thanks to the egg’s yolk and white. The Egg Mousse Soap (blue) on the other hand creates a tight mousse to act as a pore washing item.


The Egg Mousse Soap (blue)


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