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Forencos%2BSelene%2BProject%2BSilk%2BMask%2BSeries 8 Previously, I’ve reviewed about the FORENCOS’ Greek Mythology Mask Series, which is basically a 7 day masking program that instills discipline in the user for masking every single day, while at the same time delivering different types of nutrients to the skin every each day. Today I’ll go into deeper details and talk about the different mask each day, and also reveal which is my favourite! 🙂

I’m also not sure why must the masking begin on Tuesday but I honestly don’t think it will matter! 

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Day 1 (Tuesday) is a mask for detoxing. It begins with Hephaestus, god of metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. This mask contains Jeju’s volcanic ashes to eliminate dead skin cells and clean the pores.

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Day 2 is all about moisturising with Poseidon. Poseidon, god of the sea, will moisturize the skin with ingredients like amino acids, minerals and vitamins. 

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Day 3 is about relaxing with Dryas. The main ingredient here is tea tree oil, which we have all heard that it is amazing at calming and soothing the skin. 

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Moving on to mid week, Day 4; we have 24k pure gold to treat wrinkles and help blood circulation while delivering minerals.

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Day 5 is about bringing back the skin elasticityHorse oil, which is similar to human sebum, helps control its secretion. This mask also contains ceramide for skin regeneration and elasticity. 

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Coming to the end we have a mask containing black pearl. Pearl was loved by Cleopatra for its high mineral and amino acid concentration as well as for the bioactive substances it contains. It reinforces skin’s immunity and acidity for a brighter complexion. 

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Finally, the last mask to wrap the whole program up – Selene’s total care. Leaving the best to the last, this mask’s main ingredient is the Swiftlet’s bird nest, which contains 2000 times more sialic acid than human saliva and 200 times more than royal jelly for a total turnover: moisturises, increases elasticity, improves skin tone and protects the skin. 

Forencos%2BSelene%2BProject%2BSilk%2BMask%2BSeries 7

After much struggle to really pick my favourite out of this 7 masks, my favourite has got to be the last one. It contains all the ingredients that most suit my dry combination skin right now. However, I still believe that these 7 masks have to work together to bring you the best efficacies and effect. 

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