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Two weeks back a group of us beauty bloggers were lucky to be one the first to be introduced to the LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE Collection. If you have been following me or saw the hashtag #laneigexplaynomore on instagram, you probably would have a glimpse how adorable the collection is! The collection consists of LANEIGE Intense Lip Gel, LANEIGE BB Cushion & BB Cushion Pore Control and LANEIGE Jet Curling Mascara… Are you excited to check them out now?! 😀


The adorable packaging was born after the collaboration between LANEIGE and PLAYNOMORE under their LANEIGE Meets Fashion initiative. PLAYNOMORE is a brand designed by Chae-yeon Kim, whose signature is the SHYGIRL square tote bag.


You’ll find most of the items under this collection being infused with the unique SHYGIRL icon. At the event, we also get to make our own keychains by drawing on it and shrinking them in the oven under immense heat. We surely had lots of fun!

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1. LANEIGE Intense Lip Gel

I’ve tried the LANEIGE Intense Lip Gel ($36) and I find it extremely moisturising. Imagine this as a lip gloss so it gives a very thick layer of moisture when applied. Previously I got the chance to swatch all 10 colours so here you go!


As I’ve said, LANEIGE Intense Lip Gel works like a lip gloss with a double-layer gel-forming technology called OilFloating Tech, which effectively separates the colour (Hydro Chroma colour + Water  Polymer) and the gloss (oil) for incredibly glossy lips with long-lasting vivid colour payoff. That said, it means the colour can still be very intense unlike any other lip glosses you used to have.

I like to use this because I can decide upon the intensity of the colour. If you want a light gradient lip look, I only have to dap a little bit of the lip gel on the inner lips.


2. LANEIGE BB Cushion & BB Cushion Pore Control

I think the LANEIGE BB Cushion and BB Cushion Pore Control ($59) need no explanation. LANEIGE BB Cushion has been my all time favourite all this while cos it gives me a very dewy finish without streaking, and it’s definitely a bonus now that I can see cutesy design on my BB Cushion whenever I bring it out of my bag for touch up :B

Just to reiterate, LANEIGE BB Cushion Pore Control contains Pore Purifying ComplexTM to control excessive sebum and provide pore coverage along with benefits such as SPF50+PA+++ UV protection, sweat- and sebum-resistant, soothing properties, as well as a semi-matte finish. On the other hand, the LANEIGE BB Cushion is a unique compact formulated with MelacrusherTM Technology to brighten the skin tone; protect the skin from harmful UV rays with SPF50+ PA+++; refresh and soothe fatigued skin with its Ion Mineral water content; has sweat-proof properties for long-lasting coverage; and gives you a radiant, natural-looking complexion.

-Information from LANEIGE-

If the above information is overloading, what I understand is the normal BB Cushion it to achieve dewy skin while the Pore Control BB Cushion is to control oily skin. However, note that both PLAYNOMORE BB Cushion are available in shade #13 True Beige and #21 Natural Beige only. Nonetheless, you can easily replace the cushion with the one of your own shade. 


3. LANEIGE Jet Curling Mascara

A high-performance mascara designed to keep Asian women’s short, limp eyelashes curled up for hours, the Jet Curling Mascara ($34) has two amazing features: Water ZERO, an air gel formula that delivers faster fitting power to the lashes, smoother application and more intense colour; and 3D JellyRubber Brush, a flexible material with an ergonomic tail comb that can be used vertically or horizontally to create different lash effects. I personally did not use this as I had eyelash extension on. However, I did get my dear friend Alene to try it and she claims that this mascara surely lengthens well! 

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Definitely had a great time making our own charms with the company of so many adorable cosmetics!! 🙂 Thank you LANEIGE and TouchPR for the wonderful evening!

The LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE collection will be available from 3 September 2015 at all LANEIGE Boutiques & Counters! Remember to look out for them!

Signing off with a pic of my adorable bb Kymm :*

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